STING Video Archives Volume VIII & IX (Sting’s 40th Birthday Celebration Live from The Hollywood Bowl 10/02/91 FULL VERSION LONGER then RARE Japanese Lasedisc) 2 DVD Set (Andy Somers and The Special Beat)

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STING Video Archives   Volume VIII
STING’s 40th Birthday Celebration:

Live from the Hollywood Bowl Hollywood California October 2, 1991
Total Length: 133 Minutes
“Soul Cages World Tour” 1991-1992 (Part 1 of 2 See Volume IX for Part 2)

This was a ONE TIME ONLY airing on Pay-Per-View of Sting’s 40th Birthday Concert. Pro Shot Video Multi Cameras, Extremely High Quality video and in HiFi Stereo Sound. The SVHS (NTSC) recorded master is in SUPER VHS for best possible quality to create your transfer to your DVD. This very RARE Live Concert aired only once and was never released as a home video as a VHS!

Please note a Japanese laserdisc of this concert does exist and is VERY rare however it is NOT THE COMPLETE CONCERT! The laserdisc version is missing the opening video montage, interview with Sting about turning 40 and also the COMPLETE OMISSION of the song Be Still My Beating Heart! The lasedisc version is only 110 minutes long. MVR’s ORIGINAL OFF AIR RECORDING is 133 Minutes which is 23 Minutes LONGER than the impossible to find original Japanese laserdisc from 1991.

An incredible 2 Hours and 13 Minutes long. It also features former Police guitarist ANDY SUMMERS on three songs. This is the first time Andy has appeared publicly on stage with Sting since the historic 1986 Amnesty International finale performance of The Police. Personal note there is an incredible version of “Message in A Bottle” which includes Andy along with The Special Beat (opening act for this tour) in a rendition of this song that will knock you off your chair. A true must for any Sting fan.

Track Listing

Video Montage Opening

EXCLUSIVE candid interview with Sting in 1991 about turning forty and the touring band wishing well on turning forty. Also is a assortment of interviews over the years from Sting (Solo) as well as The Police.

Featuring the songs:
1.All This Time
2.Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
3.Mad About You
4.Driven To Tears
5.Anytime She Goes Away
6.Why Should I Cry For You?
7.Be Still My Beating Heart (NOT released on laserdisc version)
9.Bring On The Night
10.King of Pain
11.Fortress Around Your Heart
12.The Wild Wild Sea
13.The Soul Cages
14.Purple Haze
15.If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
16.We’ll Be Together
17.Walking on the Moon        Andy Summers joins Sting on stage for songs 17, 18 & 19
18.Every Breath You Take

STING Video Archives   Volume IX

1.   Sting’s 40th Birthday Celebration Live from The Hollywood Bowl 10/02/91: Part Two of Two continues with

Message In A Bottle  joined by Andy Somers and The Special Beat and then closes with Fragile

2.   Montreux Rock Festival – 5/92: Every Breath You Take & Message In A   Bottle (13:42)
4.   Late Night w/David Letterman – 9/04/91: Live “Mad About You”
5.   M-TV Classic – 12/01/92: Classic interview bite (1982)
6.   M-TV Classic Weekend – 12/27/91: Classic interview bite (1983)
7.   M-TV Classic – 1/27/93: Classic interview bite (School teaching and songwriting)
8.   M-TV News – 2/09/93: To release new disc “10 Sumners Tales” and to    tour w/Grateful Dead
9.   M-TV News – 2/10/93: Legalize marijuana
10.   If I Ever Lose My Faith – 2/10/93: Video
11.   Saturday Night Live – 2/20/93: Clinton sketch w/Sting cameo; Live “If I Ever Lose My Faith” hosted by Bill Murray
12.   M-TV News – 2/25/92: New disc profile
13.   M-TV News – 3/03/92: Sting discusses opening for Grateful Dead in May 8
14.   VH-1 commercial w/Sting – 3/04/93
15.   Today – 3/09/93: Bryant Gumbel interviews Sting on day of disc release
16.   Week In Rock – 3/6/93: Sting, Bryan Adams & Tina Turner perform at Rainforest benefit at Carnegie Hall
17.   Later w/ Bob Costas – 3/30/9 : In –depth interview (2 parts from separate days – air date part 2 -3/31)


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  1. Tom McSweeney

    I can’t believe I found “Sting: 40th Birthday Hollywood Bowl Concert” after all this time of searching. As described “This very RARE Live Concert aired only once (on the Disney channel no less and once as a “In Demand Concert”) and was never released as a home video VHS let alone on DVD. I had a VHS tape recording of it and gave it to a friend thinking I’d just record it again but screwed that up. This concert was around the time I turned forty myself so it’s particularly significant for me. The transfer process used left a white line on the left side of the screen but that’s a small imperfection to endure to actually, finally have this concert special. The purchase was smooth and the turnaround time for delivery was short. Thanks all @ MVR!

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