STING Video Archives (The Police) Volume V


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STING Video Archives (The Police)  Volume V

The Police: The Music Video Anthology

1.”Roxanne” (Original Conceptual Version 1),
2.”Can’t Stand Losing You” (Original Conceptual Version 1),
3.”Message In A Bottle”,
4.”Walking on the Moon”,
5.”So Lonely”,
6.”Don’t Stand So Close To Me” (Original Version 1),
7.”De, Do Do Do, De, Da Da Da”,
8.”Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” (Shortened Ending Version 2),
9.”Invisible Sun”,
10.”Spirits in the Material World”,
11.“Demolition Man” (Conceptual Version) RARE,
12.”Every Breath You Take” (Original Black and White Version 1),
13.”Wrapped Around Your Finger”,
14.”Synchronicity II” (Conceptual Version 1),
15.”Don’t Stand So Close to Me ’86” (Version 2),
16.”Synchronicity I” (Live Version 2),
17.”Roxanne” (Red Room Version 2), RARE
18.”Can’t Stand Losing You” (Red Room Version 2), RARE
19.”Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” (Original Extended Ending Version 1),
20.“Every Breath You Take” (Blue Version 2),
21.”Can’t Stand Losing You” (Conceptual / Live Version 3), RARE
22.“Every Breath You Take” (Yellow Version 3), RARE
23.Sting featuring Pras: “Roxanne ’97”, RARE
24.Dance Floor Virus featuring Sting: Message In A Bottle,
25.George Michael: “Roxanne”,
26.Godley & Crème: “World Mix” (Contains scenes from Police music videos that were directed by Godley & Crème),
27.”Roxanne” (Performance in Germany),
28.“Can’t Stand Losing You” (Live-OGWT),
29.“Next To You” (Live-OGWT),
30.”So Lonely” (Performance in Germany),
31.”Spirits in the Material World” (TOTP),

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