STING Video Archives Volume IV


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STING Video Archives   Volume IV

75. HBO Sting in Tokyo – 12/87: This Live Concert from Japan is an edited down/shorter version of what is offered later in this archive collection
76. Music News – 5/8/89: Sting in NY to promote Rain Forest anti destructive campaign   V. Public 
      Service Announcement
77. Donahue – 5/12/89: Interview w/Sting regarding the Rain Forest
1.News at Night – 9/13/89 (Sting, preview – performs “Three Penny Opera” in Washington,      
79.   Commercial: “Three Penny Opera” w/Sting at Lunt Fortanne Theatre (previews shows starting
        Oct. 19)
80.   The Week in Rock – 12/10/89: Sting presents Reebok’s Human Rights Award
81.   Three Penny Opera (2 performances by Sting)
82.   News at Night: Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame
83.   The 32nd Annual Grammy Awards – 2/21/90 (Sting Presents)
84.   60 Minutes – 12/16/90: Profile on Sting

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