STING Video Archives Volume XII


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STING Video Archives  Volume XII

1.VH-1 Commercial – 12/12/94: “Englishman in New York”
2.Sting: An Englishman in New York – 12/15/94
3.VH-1 News – 1/12/95: Sting collaborates w/Chieftains
4.VH-1 Commercial: Stings Road Weekend 1/17
5.VH-1 The Last Word – 1/21/95: On set of new video
6.VH-1 Naked Café – 2/22/5: Interview
7.VH-1 2/21/95: Interview “This Cowboy’s Song”
8.VH-1 2/27/95: Top 10 Countdown: Police interview
9.VH-1 7/12/95: Backstage Live Aid – Sting & Phil Collins interview
10.VH-1 ’95: Commercial (Lose My Faith)
11.M-TV ’83: Commercial (Police)
12.VH-1: Sting and Friends – April 1995: Rainforest documentary
13.VH-1 – 10/14/95: The Police: Outlandos to Sychronicities: The History of The Police Live
14.Saturday Night Live – 2/24/96: Sting Live “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot” & sketch w/Elle McPherson and Sting; ending segment
15.Week In Rock – 3/24/96: Interview w/profile
16.VH-1 Tickets First commercial – 3/26/96: Sting
17.VH-1 Tickets First commercial – 4/01/96: Sting

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