STING Video Archives Volume XIV


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STING Video Archives Volume XIV

1.The Gary Shandling Show – 11/96: Cameo by Sting as one of the guests on the show (4:17)
2.(Mexico TV) Acapulco ’93: If I Ever Lose My Faith, Seven Days & Fields of Gold
3.The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards 9/97: Sting performs with Puff Daddy on “I’ll Be Missing You”
4.The 1997 Country Music Awards 9/97: Sting performs “I’m so happy, I Can’t Stop Crying” live with various country award nominees
5.On Tour 9/30/97: Sting in Vancouver, British Columbia (8/11/96) Interview, “I’m So Happy, I Can’t Stop Crying” (Fan joins Sting on stage to sing song) (8:14)
6.The 1997 Grammy Awards: Sting presents “Life Time Achievement Award” to Paul Robeson and Luciano Pavorotti (2:56)
7.VH-1’s Before They Were Rock Stars 1997: BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test 1976: The Police (scenes with Sting and clip of interview) & “Name That Star” segment w/interview (1:42)
8.VH-1 The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time 1998: Sting enters at #63 profile and comments from other artists about Sting (2:12)
9.VH-1 “Save The Music” 1998: Commercial features Sting (:15)
10.Real TV 2/98: Report on fans joining Sting on stage for one song. Footage from Sting in Vancouver, British Columbia (8/11/96) Interview with Ross Viner (fan who joined Sting on stage) (2:09)
11.Sting featuring Award “Invisible Sun” 6/04/98: Music video with original slate (4:29)
12.The 41st Annual Grammy Awards 1998: Opening, Sting & Whitney Houston present “Album of The Year” Award (3:51)
13.Extra 8/98: Sting comments on Tantric Sex methods (:30)
14.BBC America The Parkinson Show 10/19/2002: : (Originallly recorded in November of 2001) In-depth Interview with Sting and Full on band for all songs except where noted. Songs include: “(If You Love Someone) Set Them Free”, “When We Dance” (Acoustic Version), “Fragile”, “Brand New Day”, “Every Breath you Take” (44:00 Minutes)
15.The Rosie O’Donnell Show – 9/30/99: Opening, Brand New Day (Live), Interview & Fields of Gold (live) (13:00)
16.The 25th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live – 9/26/99: Sting and Steven Tyler introduce the best of the 90’s music (1:04)

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