STING Video Archives Volume XIX


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STING Video Archives Volume XIX

1.Saturday Night Live 2000: Opening, Sting performs “Brand New Day” and closing segment with Sting
2.The NFL Superbowl XXXVIII Halftime Show 1/2003 No Doubt performs “Message In A Butte” with Sting (LIVE)
3.VH1 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons 7/21/03: Profile on Sting and The Police
4.CBS 60 Minutes II 10/01/03: In-Depth interview with Sting discussing his new LP Interview with Sting at his estate in England recording and footage of sting mixing Secret Love in Paris
5.The Late Show with David Letterman 10/01/03: Two teasers mentioning Sting, introduction by Letterman of Sting and then Send Your Love (Live) following is an interview.
6.NBC’s Today Show LIVE 10/02/03: Sting joins the Today Show series called “Backstage Pass”. Opening, Teaser 1 mention of Sting, visual of Sting during sound check (before actual performance appearance live). Teaser 2 mention of Sting and visual of fans, Teaser 3 mention of Sting and visual of fans, Introduction of profile of Sting and exclusive interview with Sting. Teaser 4 mention of Sting, Teaser 5 mention of Sting and visual of fans, Teaser 6 mention of Sting whilst visual of Sting signing autographs for fans. Introduction to sting and Send Your Love (LIVE), interview with Sting and Sting is presented with Birthday cake for his birthday (10/02/03) and Desert Rose (LIVE). Closing of Whenever I Say Your Name (LIVE) that is shown later in it’s entirety before show ends. Englishman In New York (LIVE) and the Today shows is interrupted to continue Sting’s performance of Every Breath You Take (LIVE). Reporters comment on Sting’s performance calling it a historical “TV Moment.” Teaser 7 mention of Sting, Teaser 8 mention of Sting, Teaser 9 mention of Sting’s performance to come from earlier in the program. Introduction and Sting with Whenever I Say Your Name (LIVE)
7.Access Hollywood 10/02/03: Interview with Sting after sound check and before performance on the Today show from earlier that same morning. This show aired later the same day.
The Today Show 11/04/03: Interview with Sting on new auto-biography “Broken Music” in Central Park
9. MTV Europe 2003: Sting and Craig David are interviewed regarding there collaboration on Rise & Fall
10. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 11/19/02: Opening, visual of Sting taking photos and speaking with one of the models and dressing her a bit (funny). Also some back stage footage of Sting. Sting performs Englishman In New York and Send Your Love (LIVE). Other back stage footage with sting. Later in the program Sting performs Whenever I Say Your Name (LIVE) with Mary J. Blidge
11. The 2003 Billboard Music Awards 12/10/03: Opening, one Sting mention and “Triumph the comic dog” makes a joke about Sting then Mandy Moore introduces Stevie wonder who presents Sting with the “Century Award.” Sting is the twelfth recipient but the first to perform for this ceremony with “Send Your Love” LIVE and then acceptance speech.
12. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 12/11/03: Opening, Sting performs Whenever I Say Your Name (LIVE) with Mary J. Blidge and interview with Mary & Sting
13. The Ellen De Generous Show 12/15/03: Sting interviewed about new book and performs Send Your Love LIVE

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