STING Video Archives Volume XVII


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STING Video Archives Volume XVII

1.Late Night with Conan O’Brian 4/01: Sting joins Conan on comedy skit and interview with Sting (10:21)
2.VH-1 News 9/12/01: Report on Sting’s performance in Tuscany on 9/11 and performance of “Fragile” (3:34)
3.AMERICA: A Tribute to Heroes 10/2001: Sting performs Fragile (acoustic version) with a dedication (2:59)
4.VH-1 Fanclub 11/2001: Interview with Sting: Profiles of different fans and how Sting as a musician and performer has influenced their lives. (All commercials edited out) (43:37)
5.CNN Larry King Live 10/2001: Opening, interview about Tuscany performance on 9/11 and live performance of “Fragile” (acoustic version) in studio (5:14)
6.The 2001 Billboard Music Awards 12/2001: Opening, Sting profile of new LP “All This Time…” and Sting presents “Artist of The Year Award” to Destiny’s Child (4:51)
7.My VH-1 Music Awards 12/01: Opening, If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (LIVE with Mary J. Blidge) (7:52)
8.The Tonight Show 12/13/01: Opening, If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (LIVE) interview, Sting tries new invention from another guest on the show along with Russell Crowe (very funny stuff) and an acoustic performance of “Until” (acoustic version) from new film “Kate & Leopold” (8:56)
9.ABC’s Monday Night Football 12/2001: Profile and interview with Sting also a re-working of “Every Breath You Take” set to scenes of Monday Night Football (odd) (2:39)
10.VH-1’s Cast Party “Kate & Leopold” 1/2002: Teaser with Sting, interview/profile of Sting discussing new song “Until” for soundtrack: Cast members comment personal experiences with Sting (2:32)
11.VH-1 Music First 1/2002: “Sting’s Resolution” interview clip (:12)
12.Live with Regis and Kelly 1/2002: Opening, in-depth interview with Sting and live performance of “Until” (13:27)
13.The Winter Olympics 2/2002: Sting performs “Fragile” with Yo Yo Ma (4:49)

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