Superstar: George Michael DVD (2021 Documentary) WHAM! (Sam Smith Paula Abdul)


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  1. Superstar: George Michael 11/30/21: “Superstar: George Michael,” ABC News will explore the personal and professional ups and downs of Michael’s life, including his legal battle with his record label, his 1998 arrest in a Beverly Hills public restroom and his romance with Brazilian designer Anselmo Feleppa. The episode will also examine the impact that Michael had on pop music, from his time in Wham! to his solo album “Faith,” and beyond. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for George. I just wouldn’t,” Grammy winner Sam Smith says in the episode. “All the queer artists I know now … all of us, we would not be here, if it wasn’t for George. …Among other things, the special delves into Michael’s personal life, his tragic romance with a Brazilian designer, his personal conflicts with fame, the real story behind his arrest, and the lawsuit against his record company. As teased in the exclusive clip, the special features interviews with stars such as Sam Smith, who discusses the influence Michael had on them, as well as Paula Abdul, who choreographed the singer’s “Faith World Tour.”Since the days of Wham!, Michael had to combat rumors surrounding his sexuality, as hinted in the above clip. In the singer’s own words he says, “I have no problem with everybody thinking I’m gay or some people thinking I’m gay, some people thinking I’m straight, whatever.” Instead, the performer preferred not to define his sexuality. This is just a taste of what viewers can expect to see and hear in the special that also features Michael’s longtime manager Rob Kahane, former publicists Phil Lobel and Michael Pagnotta, his backup singers Lucy Jules and Janey Lee Grace, as well as many others who followed the singer’s career closely.He pushed down the gates and he took the heat for everyone.” Michael was 53 years old when he died of natural causes in 2016. In the episode, Smith; Paula Abdul, who choreographed Michael’s “Faith World Tour” in the late 1980s; and others who worked with the pop star throughout his decades-long career will reflect on his life and legacy.


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