Swing Out Sister Music Video Anthology & Live 1986-1994 DVD (Remastered from LaserDisc to DVD)

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This one of a kind DVD Anthology consists of the following. Their two (long since deleted) Home Video releases – “it’s better to travel” and “Kaleidoscope World”. These two Home Videos Releases have been painstakingly converted to DVD format using the latest video transfer techniques and the resulting DVD is of high quality. Also included are the music videos that were later released on LaserDisc entitled “It’s Better To Watch”. This Music Video Anthology is a combination of ALL THREE releases. Bonus Material follows the music videos (that are not available anywhere else) with an interview and live performances from back in 1987 and 1988 to promote their “it’s better to travel” debut LP. ALL music videos are COMPLETE and UNINTERRUPTED and in the chronological order that they were originally released. You cannot buy this DVD anywhere else – it is not commercially available as Swing out Sister never made any DVDs and is produced EXCLUSIVELY by MVR. This is hands down the most complete music video collection of Swing Out Sister in the world and it is offered ONLY here at MVR…Comes complete with Full Multi Page Menu and exact track selections and thumbnail images for everything included on this one of a kind DVD, Track Listing includes:

1. Introduction

2. Blue Mood (1985) (RARE)

it’s better to travel LP (1987):

3. Breakout (1986)

4. Surrender (1986)

5. Twilight World (1987)

6. Fooled By A Smile (1987)

Kaleidoscope World LP (1989):

7. You On My Mind (1989)

8. Where In The World (1989)

9. Waiting Game (1989)

10. The Kaleidoscope Affair (1989) (RARE)

11. Forever Blue (1989)

Get in Touch with Yourself LP (1992):

12. Am I The Same Girl ? (1992)

13. Not Gonna Change (1992) (RARE)

The Living Return LP (1994)

14. La La (Means I Love You) (1994) (RARE)


15. Track Listing Credits

BONUS Material (Complete with exact chapter selections for each segment)

16. Club MTV 9/1987: Breakout (Performance) with band introduction and interview with Corinne Drewery.

17. MTV News 9/1987: Interview with all three members of the band discussing the type of music they create.

18. Top Of The Pops 10/1987: Breakout (Live Vocal and music Performance).

19. The Montreaux Golden Rose Rock Festival 12/1987: Performance of Breakout from Montreaux, Switzerland.

20. Top Of The Pops 1/15/88: Twilight World (Live Vocal and music Performance).

The most complete music video collection of Swing Out Sister from start to finish in the world. Even if you own any prior music video collections you still would not anywhere near ALL THIRTEEN music videos available in this unique offer INCLUDING the bonus performances Live Performances from 1987. Another exclusive offering from your team at MVR!

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5 reviews for Swing Out Sister Music Video Anthology & Live 1986-1994 DVD (Remastered from LaserDisc to DVD)

  1. Robert Roberts

    A superb compilation of rare Swing Out Sister music videos and live appearances. The quality of the recordings is excellent. Well done!

  2. Lawrence Lee

    Wow – great collection of Swing Out Sister music videos. Couldn’t find the commercial La La (Means I Love You) music video anywhere but on this DVD and I could only find ONE video in high quality via youtube & other sources (Breakout – VH1 capture at 720p). This collection beats anything available on the market!

    Thanks for the memories.

  3. Keith Kagehiro (verified owner)

    A great compilation of now hard to find Swing Out Sister’s music videos. If you ever need any artist, Music Video Resource is your “go to” company. I was so fortunate to find them and am a very happy camper!

  4. JAMES PARSONS (verified owner)

    This is an awesome collection of Swing Out Sister on DVD. The picture quality and sound are excellent. If you are a fan this is a must buy.

  5. J. Mac (verified owner)

    I bought this music video collection for 1 song. And a faint recollection of the others. And then went back in time for the duration of this DVD. The audio and video are outstanding. I bought this hoping for one thing. I got so much more.

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