BOBBY BROWN His Prerogative (1989), Humpin’ Around: The Video Single (1992) & Bobby (1993) 2 DVD Set DELUXE EDITION (Remastered from LaserDisc to DVD) PLUS BONUS Music Videos & Performances 1989-1997 (NEW EDITION)


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Released exclusively on the long since discontinued and deleted formats of VHS and LaserDisc, the following has NEVER been released on DVD until now! The 2 DVD Set features and combines three different independent Bobby Brown addition to rare music videos not included in any of the mentioned releases as well as some life performances.

This REMASTERED DVD is sourced directly from the original high quality LaserDiscs to DVD for the first time ever! Quality is unmatched as it transferred from the long since deleted LaserDiscs from OVER THIRTY THREE years ago.

Background: This remastered DOUBLE DVD Set compilation is comprised of three independent LaserDisc releases plus EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL. The first music video collection with Live performances and vignettes from “His Preogative” (1989) was released in both VHS and LaserDisc formats. The VHS format was released in America and UK in 1989. The LaserDisc was exclusively released in Japan and USA only.  This second music video collection Finally, the last installment in this rare remastered DVD includes “Humpin’ Around: The Video Single” (1993) it’s only released in the US on VHS and a limited edition Japan only import of a 8 inch LaserDisc which is incredibly rare. Finally the last music video collection with live performances and vignettes simply entitled “Bobby” (1993) was never released on VHS anywhere in the world and exclusively released only on LaserDisc in Japan and the US. There are no other known releases of these compilations in any other format in the world.

The American release of the LaserDisc of “His Preogative” (1989) was sourced for the remastering. “Humpin’ Around: The Video Single” (1992) is sourced from the original US release of the LaserDisc. Finally the REMASTERING of “Bobby” (1993) was sourced from the Japanese edition; please note that Japanese subtitles are included only in the interview portions of “Bobby”. Still to this day, these vintage music video collections have NEVER been officially released in ANY COUNTRY on DVD until NOW! So here, offered in the best possible quality, available for the first time ever  is the REMASTERED Editions from THREE DIFFERENT LaserDiscs to a DELUXE EDITION 2 DVD Set for  all you Bobby Brown and New Edition fans!

Some audiophiles and sound purists argue that unless the remastering process includes completely “lossless” compression of audio that no matter how it may be converted/processed to surround sound or better, it still is compressed audio thus producing some say a more audibly muddled sound. This is due to the lessening of the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of the audio signal thus producing some distortion and a clipping audio effect. The 2 DVD Set offered here are from the original LaserDiscs released back in 1989, 1992 and 1993. Because of the large 12 inch size of the LaserDisc format it can easily support the amount of physical space required to successfully playback large uncompressed sound. This Remastered DVD features the original completely uncompressed audio recordings allowing the original true recorded mix of each single to come alive as it was originally intended to be heard in optimum sound quality. This original mix featured with completely uncompressed audio is exclusively preserved here and available in it’s original intended state of production for the very first time in this EXCLUSIVE 2 DVD Set.

Another original offer from your team at MVR!

Description: Featuring music videos, exclusive interviews and never before seen live renditions are included in the first two of the three LaserDisc releases of these compilations that include “His Preogative” (1989), “Humpin’ Around: The Video Single” (1992) and “Bobby” (1993). All three  releases include exclusive in-depth interviews that are shown in short vignettes throughout the entire duration of the music video collections along with live action/ behind the scenes footage. Humpin’ Around: The Video Single” includes a rare “Extended Dance Mix” of “Humpin’ Around” along with an exclusive “Making of Humpin’ Around” documentary. Finally “Bobby” in part talks about the making of each of the videos in addition to other aspects of his career.

In addition MVR has included EXCLUSIVE “bonus material” that are featured on THE DELUXE EDITION 2 DVD SET. Included are additional rare music videos as well as rare live performances that have never been released officially on ANY of the previously referred to releases until now. The total amount of music videos included in this nearly THREE HOUR DOUBLE DVD Set includes ALL THREE LaserDisc Remasters in addition to the “bonus material” totals 27 music videos and two additional live performances that have never been released on DVD spanning the entire career of Bobby Brown.

Another one of a kind collection that can be found only in this exclusive 2 DVD Set released by MVR!

DVD 1  of 2

“His Prerogative” (1989)

Music Videos:

1. Interview: Bobby discusses growing up and realizing he wanted to be an entertainer.

2. Girlfriend

3. Interview: Bobby talks about the making of the music video and starting out with New Edition in the early days and eventually becoming a solo artist

4. Girl Next Door

5. Interview: Bobby discusses the production of this song working with Larry Blackmon of Cameo. Comments on the fact that even if he collaborates with people from the West Coast that he always in jacks East Coast attitude into his music.

6. Don’t Be Cruel

7. Interview: Bobby talks about having so much fun on the side because of the production crew and Director. Explains how he works with family within his career

8. My Prerogative (Original Conceptual Version 1)

9. Interview: Bobby discusses creating the choreography to match the stage production for the music video. Mention that Alek Keshishian (Maodnna) directed the video and starting a new company called B.Brown Production

10. Roni (EXCLUSIVE Live Performance Version)

11. Interview: Bobby talks about how he didn’t feel right about releasing a live performance as a music video what was convinced by the record company and reluctantly agreed but admitted that it was a good idea because the song was a hit. Bobby then discusses about staying fit and his regiment with working out. Lifts weight for my 30 minutes=, runs then studio. Considers himself a homebody`4

12. Every Little Step

13. Interview: Bobby happily shares about how much fun it was the dance with his dancers in this video and just improvise. He feels that the choreography wasn’t as tight as it should’ve been and that he thought he may get criticized for it but no one did. Considers himself a regular guy

14. On Our Own (without Ghostbusters II footage Re-Edited Version 2 released incomplete)

15. Interview: Bobby explains how he feels and he’s not that good of a dancer and that there’s many dancers out there that are better than him. Which is pretty humble considering. He uses as an example MC Hammer as a great dancer. He thinks his choreography is good but him as a dancer isn’t as much and describes his music as R&B with a little bit of rap and soulful lyrics as well as the state of music today and how R&B is crossing over as of 1989.

16 . Rock With’cha

17. Interview: Bobby talks about how this music video shows another side that more calm of Bobby Brown. Discusses the issues of the world today including the hunger issue and the drug problem at the time. Also gives his advice to kids.

18. My Prerogative (EXCLUSIVE Extended Live Performance Version 2)
19. Interview: Bobby and one last time finally says goodbye “PEACE”

Total Running Time: 56 Minutes 56 Seconds

EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL: Previously unreleased and are included in this collection only

Music Videos & Live Performances 1989-1990

1. On Our Own (Original Ghostbusters II Motion Picture Soundtrack Version 1) (Previously Unreleased)
2. Every Little Hit-Mix (Hits Medley)
3. MTV Video Music Awards September 6th 1989: On Our Own (LIVE) (Previously Unreleased)
4. The 17th Annual American Music Awards January 12, 1990: Bobby performs a sort of hits medley that includes “ My Prerogative” mixed in with ‘Every Little Step” and includes rap “for Boston” (Previously Unreleased)
5. Glenn Medeiros Featuring Bobby Brown: She Ain’t Worth It

Total Running Time for DISC 1: 1 Hour 21 Minutes


DVD 2  of 2

“Humpin’ Around: The Video Single” (1992)

1. Opening Logos

2. Humpin’ Around (Extended Dance Mix Version 2)

3. The Making of: “Humpin’ Around”: behind-the-scenes footage of the production coming together cameras lights action. Then rehearsal footage of Bobby with him various dancers practicing a choreography for the music video. Following is rare footage of Bobby and his crew hanging out in Greenwich Village on the west side in New York in 1993 where Bobby does some shopping. Some footage of Bobby and his crew goofing off before shooting a video in the lower side of Manhattan. More footage of preparation of the staging for the music video and more rehearsal with dancers.

4. Humpin’ Around: The Video (Original Conceptual Version 1)

Total Running Time: 19 Minutes 03 Seconds


“Bobby” (1993)

This 60-minute compilation spans the groundbreaking solo career of Bobby Brown, with exclusive interviews and live action footage, the biggest videos of his past, concert performances, and all the videos from his current multi-Platinum album, Bobby.

1. Opening Montage fridge from various locations around the world including Paris France, various press conferences meeting fans, in-store records signings, backstage rehearsals and random International footage shot during his world tour set to a great mix.

2. Interview:  Bobby talks about producing this new album and how it’s a lot funkier than any previous release is done up in till that point. Also discusses how the last album sold 12 million copies.

3. Every Little Step

4. Interview: Bobby discusses how it took a lot more time producing this new album in part because he had multiple producers. Vocally he feels he’s improved.

5. My Prerogative (Short Edited Version 2)

6. Footage of the band playing basketball then interview continues with Bobby where he discusses the new single Humpin’ Around

7. Humpin’ Around (Original Conceptual Version 1)

8. Interview: Bobby discusses growing up and realizing he wanted to be an entertainer.

9. Girlfriend

10. Interview: Bobby discusses the “Good Enough” music video was shot in Hawaii

11. Good Enough

12. Interview: Bobby talked about being on the road and performing live on stage. He prefers being on the road versus being in the studio.

13. Roni (EXCLUSIVE Live Performance Version)

14. Interview: discusses the very first time he met Whitney Houston at the Soul Train Music Awards. He also reminisces about going to her birthday party and how their relationship really started at that point and how he proposed. Also included is vintage archival footage of the release party for  the new LP along with Whitney Houston supporting Bobby. Later he discusses the creative process in the studio. Short interview clips from Bobby at a London radio station.

15. Get Away

16. More footage of Bobby with the band playing basketball and the interview continues with Bobby discussing his production company called “B. Brown Production” calling it a family of collaborators that he can trust.

17. Drop It On The One

18. Interview: Bobby talks about being in Virginia during the recording of “That’s The Away Love Is” and making it the 4th single from the LP.

19. That’s The Away Love Is

20. Interview: Bobby and one last time finally says goodbye “PEACE be Unto you”

21. Humpin’ Around (Reprise)

Executive Producer – Abe Torres, Liz Heller
Film Director – Ana Davidian
Management – Carol Brown / Brown Management

Total Running Time: 55 Minutes 14 Seconds

Sourced courtesy of Jmac

EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL: Previously unreleased and are included in this collection only

Music Videos 1993-1997

1. Humpin’ Around (Uncensored “Dirty Version” 3) (Previously Unreleased)
2. Something In Common Featuring Whitney Houston
3. Two Can Play At That Game
4. Feelin Inside

Total Running Time for DISC 2: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

TOTAL RUNNING of BOTH Disc 1 & 2 containing: ALL THREE original LaserDiscs Remasters and ALL “Exclusive Bonus Materials” of BOTH Discs 1 & 2 Totals: 2 Hours 52 Minutes

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