TAYLOR SWIFT In-Store Promotional Music Video Reel Compilation 2006-2023 5 DVD Set 132 Videos (includes latest music videos “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled” along with videos from last years prior like “All Too Well”,  “I Bet You Think About Me”, “Willow”, “Lover”, “The Archer”, “You Need To Calm Down” and “ME!”

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In-Store Promotional Music Video Reel 5 DVD Set from TAYLOR SWIFT in DVD format. This DVD Set is a complete collection professionally edited in chronological order so you can see the progression of Taylor through the years. This one of a kind collection includes all of the versions of music videos available from the record company at Big Machine Records. This collection includes ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO music videos with alternate version in addition to remixes and the latest music videos from Taylor including NEW tracks like “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled” along with videos from last years prior like “All Too Well”,  “I Bet You Think About Me”, “Willow”, “Lover”, “The Archer”, “You Need To Calm Down” and “ME!”

The LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE collection of music videos in the world! Promotional/Visual Marketing DVD Reels of music videos are sourced from various masters, so quality varies. Please note: this Reel was originally created for demonstration, promotion and/or marketing purposes, thus it is not considered broadcast quality.

Taylor Swift In-Store Promotional Music Video Reel Compiled & Tied 2006-2023

Track Listing for the entire 5 DVD Set:

Promotional Reel 1

1. “Tim McGraw”
2. Teardrops on My Guitar”
3.”Our Song”
4. “I’m Only Me When I’m with You”
5. “Picture to Burn”
6. “Change”
7. “Love Story”
8. “White Horse”
9. “Crazier”
10. “You Belong with Me”
11. “The Best Day”
12. “Fifteen”
13. “Fearless”
14. “Mine”
15. “Back to December”
16. “Mean”

Promotional Reel 2

17. “The Story of Us”
18. “Sparks Fly”
19. “Ours”
20 . Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars “Safe & Sound”
21.”Eyes Open”
22. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
23. “Begin Again”
24. “I Knew You Were Trouble”
25. “22”
26. Taylor Swift with Tim McGraw “Highway Don’t Care”
27. Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran “Everything Has Changed”
28. “Red”
29. Taylor Swift feat. Gary Lightbody “The Last Time”
30. “Shake It Off”
31. “Blank Space”
32. “Style”
33. Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joseph Kahn “Bad Blood”
34. “Wildest Dreams”
35. Boys like Girls feat. Taylor Swift “Two Is Better Than One”
36. B.o.B. feat. Taylor Swift “Both of Us”
37. Kellie Pickler “Best Days of Your Life” (co-written with Taylor Swift)
38. “Out of the Woods”

Promotional Reel 3

39. Taylor Swift feat. Paula Fernandes “Long Live”
40 . “Eyes Open” (Lyric Version)
41. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (Lyric Version)
42. “Shake It Off” (Bassix Remix Version 2)
43. “New Romantics”
44. Taylor Swift with Zayn “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)”
45. “Look What You Made Me Do” (Lyric Version)
46. “Look What You Made Me Do”
47. “Gorgeous” (Lyric Video)
48. “…Ready For It?”
49. “Call It What You Want” (Lyric Video)
50. “…Ready For It?” (BloodPop Remix Version 2)
51. “End Game Featuring Ed Sheeran and Future”
52. “Delicate”
53. “Delicate” (Vertical Version 2)
54. “Babe (Sugarland FeaturingTaylor Swift)”
55. “ME!” (Featuring Brenden Urie of PANIC! At The Disco-Original Conceptual Version 1)
56. “ME!” (Featuring Brenden Urie of PANIC! At The Disco-Lyric Version 2)
57. “You Need To Calm Down” (Lyric Video)
58. “You Need To Calm Down”
58. “The Archer” (Lyric Video)
60. Lover (lyric Video)
61. Lover

Promotional Reel 4

62. Lover (Remix) Feat. Shawn Mendes (Lyric Video)
63. Beautiful Ghosts (From The Motion Picture “Cats”) (Lyric Video)
64. Christmas Tree Farm (Conceptual Version 1)
65. Lover (Remix) Feat. Shawn Mendes (Snow Globe Lyric Video)
66. Christmas Tree Farm (Lyric Version 2)
67. The Man (Conceptual Version 1)
68. Only The Young (Featured in Miss Americana) (Lyric Video)
69. The Man (Lyric Version 2)
70. the last great american dynasty (Lyric Video)
71. mad woman (Lyric Video)
72. epiphany (Lyric Video)
73. betty (Lyric Video)
74. the 1 (Lyric Video)
75. illicit affairs (Lyric Video)
76. this is me trying (Lyric Video)
77. mirrorball (Lyric Video)
78. invisible string (Lyric Video)
79. my tears ricochet (Lyric Video)
80. cardigan (Conceptual Version 1)
81. peace (Lyric Video)
82. cardigan (Lyric Version 2)
83. august (Lyric Video)
84. seven (Lyric Video)
85. exile Feat. Bon Iver (Lyric Video)
86. hoax (Lyric Video)
87. cardigan (cabin in candlelight Version 3)
88. the lakes

Promotional Reel 5

89. Willow (Conceptual Version 1)
90. Coney Island (Feat. The National) (Lyric Version)
91. No Body, No Crime Feat. HAIM (Lyric Version)
92. Willow (Lonely Witch Version 2)
93. Marjorie (Lyric Version)
94. Willow (Dancing Witch Version 3)
95. Champagne Problems (Lyric Version)

Fearless Era Taylor’s Version:

96. Love Story (Taylor’s Version) (Lyric Version)
97. The Best Day (Taylor’s Conceptual Version)
98. Fifteen (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
99. Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
100. You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
101. Forever & Always (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
102. Change (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
103. Jump Then Fall (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
104. The Other Side Of The Door (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
105. Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor’s Lyric Version)

Red Era Taylor’s Version:

106. All Too Well (The Short Film)
107. I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Conceptual Version 1) (Feat. Chris Stapleton)
108. Message In A Bottle (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
109. Red (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
110. I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
111. 22 (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
112. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
113. The Lucky One (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
114. Everything Has Changed (Taylor’s Lyric Version) (Feat. Ed Sheeran)
115. Ronan (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
116. Run (Taylor’s Lyric Version) (Feat. Ed Sheeran)
117. All Too Well (10 Minute Taylor’s Lyric Version)

Other singles:

118. This Love (Taylor’s Lyric Version)
119. Carolina (Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lyric Version)

Midnights Era:

120. Anti-Hero (Conceptual Version)
121. Lavender Haze (Lyric Version)
122. Question…? (Lyric Version)
123. Bejeweled (Conceptual Version)
124. Maroon (Lyric Version)
125. Snow On The Beach (Lyric Version) (Feat. Lana del Rey)
126. You’re On Your Own, Kid (Lyric Version)
127. Midnight Rain (Lyric Version)
128. Vigilante Shit (Lyric Version)
129. Labyrinth (Lyric Version)
130. Karma (Lyric Version)
131. Sweet Nothing (Lyric Version)
132. Mastermind (Lyric Version)

This is a natural addition for any avid collector or devotee as you will NOT see this particular type of collectable likely to be offered elsewhere on the net. The most complete collection you will find in the world of Taylor’s music video discography. Containing no less than 132 music videos in chronological order. Make s a GREAT UNIQUE GIFT!!! Please check our other auctions for other Promotional DVD Reels and Singles

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4 reviews for TAYLOR SWIFT In-Store Promotional Music Video Reel Compilation 2006-2023 5 DVD Set 132 Videos (includes latest music videos “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled” along with videos from last years prior like “All Too Well”,  “I Bet You Think About Me”, “Willow”, “Lover”, “The Archer”, “You Need To Calm Down” and “ME!”

  1. Samuel C Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely great collection of Taylor Swift videos. This collection won’t be found anywhere else like this music video anthology. 88 videos in all. It has all the videos from the first release made by Taylor all the way to “Folklore” in 2020.

  2. David Kent (verified owner)

    This is a really awesome collection of music videos and covers everything through folklore. The artwork and packaging was really good, I prefer the clam cases over the bulky dvd cases. As a side note, and this is not a negative of the collection, it includes the updated version of Picture to Burn.

  3. Graeme Ferdinands (verified owner)

    This is a wonderfully thorough DVD Set from start to finish! Excellent Quality 8.5-9/10. Prompt and excellent service! Highly recommended.

  4. norman d bogert (verified owner)

    Yes, this 5 DVD Set contains all the videos going right up to antihero and bejewled. All the videos are here in their entirety and well worth the price. If you want them all in one collection. Sound and picture excellent very recommended!

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