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Series Synopsis: THANK YOU, GOODNIGHT is a four-part, all access series chronicling the epic past and uncertain future of the iconic band Bon Jovi. A 40-year odyssey of rock ‘n roll idolatry on the precipice as a vocal injury threatens to bring everything to a halt. Follows the history of Bon Jovi, featuring personal videos, photos, and music that provide a look at Jon Bon Jovi’s life and the band’s journey from New Jersey clubs to global fame.
Thank You, Goodnight: The Story of Bon Jovi is technically about Bon Jovi, the band, and not solely Jon Bon Jovi, the individual. There’s no question, however, that in the series’ mind, Jon is Bon Jovi. The series includes lengthy interviews with other bandmates, including keyboardist David Bryan, drummer Tico Torres, bassist Hugh McDonald and, most intriguingly, former guitarist Richie Sambora, whose abrupt departure in 2013 still seems to have Jon in shock. (Bassist Alec John Such was not interviewed before his death in 2022.) But it is Jon’s perspective that takes priority, and it tends to be a flattering one.

Much is made by both Jon and his colleagues of his relentless work ethic (“Jon quit school ’cause there was recess,” a friend jokes), and the four-part, five-hour docuseries follows his perfectionistic lead. Director Gotham Chopra painstakingly compiles old photos, interviews, home movies and concert footage to trace Jon’s journey, from childhood through his four-decade career as an arena-rock god. Jon himself was stressed that he did not have final cut, director Chopra has assembled a portrait as reverent as any celebrity might reasonably hope for with what must have been dozens or hundreds of hours of interviews.

“Are we telling the truth or are we gonna lie, what are we gonna do?” Sambora asks in his first appearance, which is positioned almost like a cliffhanger at the end of episode one — the series is more respectful than raw. The decadent ’80s? “Without giving away too many secrets, anything that any one of those bands talked about, we did it too, and it was fun. It was real fun.” The lessons he learned from his brief early stint with another band? “Don’t not be a visionary.”

If anything, the closest we get to the “real” Jon might be what exists in elisions like those. You can look for him in the negative space between the guy who humbly insists he’s “just the ringleader” of the Bon Jovi operation and the guy whose leadership philosophy is “just trust me, and I’ll take us where we need to go.” And in the gap between his insistence that he could make peace with the end of his career if he had to and the pressure he puts on himself to not just keep going but get back on top.

Maybe Jon really is as modest and grateful and serene as he presents himself to be; for sure he’s someone who believes he is, and wants you to believe he is too. These tensions don’t make him look bad, so much as simply human. But Thank You, Goodnight is here to celebrate an icon.

Part 1: “New Jersey vs Everybody”: Teenage Jon cuts his teeth performing in bars and rushing back for school. Now, on the cusp of his 60th birthday, he reflects on the past 40 years. Can he put on a show that will cement his legacy, or will he be sidelined by an injury out of his control? Duration: 58 Minutes
Part 2: “Nowhere to Everywhere”: The band becomes an overnight hit, but tensions escalate even as success burgeons for Bon Jovi. The cocktail of fatigue vs. ambition highlighted by a performance in Guadalajara Mexico could just be Bon Jovi’s demise.’ Duration: 1 Hour 33 Minutes
Part 3: “Brothers in Arms”: With renewed perspective, Bon Jovi introduces themselves to a new generation of fans at the turn of the millennium with a fresh sound and the same iconic reputation…until the band is ripped apart by Richie’s sudden and painful departure. Duration: 1 Hour 13 Minutes
Part 4: “Legendary”: Following Richie’s sudden departure, Jon slips into darkness. With the downtime during the pandemic, the healing time from surgery, and a milestone 60th birthday, Jon is left exclusively to reflect… has he become the man he was meant to be? Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Bonus Material:

The Late Show Stephen Colbert 06/05/24: In-depth interview with Jon Bon Jovi on new LP “Forever” Jon discussed how he witnessed a historic recording session in New. York. The rocker was talking about his job as the gofer at New York’s Power Station recording studio when he was somewhere between 18 and 20 years old, revealing that he saw two huge stars recording what would become an iconic song. “It was literally the biggest recording studio in the world at the time,” Jon said. “One day I looked through the control room door and I watched David Bowie and Freddie Mercury sing ‘Under Pressure.’ I saw them sing that vocal.” He also shared a funny encounter he had with The Rolling Stones. “My band was getting out of this cab and literally The Rolling Stones were getting out of a limousine behind us and a paparazzi jumped out the garbage can … start taking pictures of The Stones,” he said. “The guy yelled Mick, Mick, Mick give us a picture with The Stones,” and he grabbed me and my little band and said, ‘This is my band The Frogs.’”  Jon added, “I would pay anything to get that photograph 45 years later.”

TOTAL Series Duration Episodes 1 through 4 and Bonus Material: 5 Hours 10 Minutes

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