The 80s Music’s Greatest Decade? DVD (4 Part 2021 Docu-Series 4 HOURS) Featuring EXCLUSIVE Interviews with: Mark Ronson, Spandau Ballet, Bananarama, Soul II Soul, Trevor Horn, Iron Maiden, Primal Scream, The Fall, UB40, The Communards and MORE!


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Description: Through this four part documentary series, Dylan Jones explores the basic genres of the decade giving a well rounded view of 80s music and it’s major genres. The 1980s was an era in which a fusillade of new genres emerged, and many are still with us today, such as hip-hop and house. Dylan Jones has mined the archives to select some of the most crucial tracks in the rise of these two genres. Eighties music is often dismissed as a joke – all drum machines and big hair. But – as acclaimed author Dylan Jones argues in this film – the 1980s should be looked on as the most creative, radical and innovative decade in pop. Each episode is one hour long totally just under four hours

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with: Dylan Jones – Host, Mark Ronson – Record Producer, Gary Kemp – Spandau Ballet, Keren Woodward & Sara Dallin – Bananarama, Nile Rodgers – Record Producer, Jazzie B – Soul II Soul, Trevor Horn – Record Producer for ABC, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Art of Noise and more, Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden, Bobby Gillespie – Primal Scream, Brix Smith-Start – The Fall, Ali Campbell & Astro – UB40, Sarah Jane Morris – Guest Vocalist, The Communards, Mark Moore – DJ & Producer, S’Express along with Cookie Pryce & Susan Banfield – Cookie Crew (1 Hour approximately)

Episode 1 “With Dylan Jones” Air Date 10/23/21: Music writer Dylan Jones puts the case that the 1980s were the most radical, innovative and creative decade in the history of pop. Jones sets out his claim: that the 80s was the most creative musical decade ever. He’ll assert that the 80s, unlike other decades, was undefinable by monolithic musical movements such as punk, disco or Britpop, and unleashed a myriad of new musical genres in just 10 years. To support his theory, he’ll hear from some of the leading musicians and producers of the era, who were at the forefront of the incredibly diverse music creation. Speaking in the programme, Nile Rodgers says: “The 80s was the pinnacle for a lot of us musicians who had come from the 60s and the 70s. Reaching that place you had this great explosion of artistry in the 80s that ran the gamut.” Keren Woodward from Bananarama says: “You’d hear something and think, oh that’s Bananarama, that’s Culture Club, that’s Duran Duran – and everyone looked their own way as well.”  (1 Hour approximately)


Please note: Episodes two, three and four will feature a mixture of archive performance and music video, handpicked by Jones, which explore themes including the MTV generation; the birth of hip hop, the emergence of house and the rise of the rebels, who deliberately eschewed all they believed to be ostentatiously 80s. Some of the artists explored in the series include Madonna, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, The Sugarhill Gang, Public Enemy, Bronski Beat, Erasure and MANY MANY MORE.

Episode 2 “True Originals” Air Date 10/30/21: Dylan Jones celebrates some of the stars who created the timeless legacy of the 1980s, from Prince to Madonna and Adam and the Ants and Duran Duran to Sade.  (1 Hour approximately)

Episode 3 “Alternative Voices” Air Date 11/06/21: The 1980s was a time when artists in both the UK and US were delivering powerful social commentary in their songs. Dylan Jones selects some of the finest alternative voices from this era. From The Cure on Top of the Pops at the beginning of the decade to The Stone Roses’ debut TV performance in 1989, this episode takes a comprehensive look at the alternative music of an entire era. It also features powerful live performances from Billy Bragg, Tracy Chapman, Bronski Beat and The Selecter. In addition, there are archival gems from Pixies, The Smiths, Suzanne Vega, The Fall, REM and many more.

Episode 4 “hip-Hop To House” Air Date 11/06/21: The 1980s was an era in which a fusillade of new genres emerged, and many are still with us today, such as hip-hop and house. Dylan Jones has mined the archives to select some of the most crucial tracks in the rise of these two genres. From a young Kurtis Blow making his Top of the Pops debut to the sonic bombardment of Public Enemy and the sampling skills of Bomb the Bass, this episode showcases the evolution in rap and house music across the decade. There are rare archival interviews and stellar performances from Run-DMC, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, S’Express, Cookie Crew and Neneh Cherry, as well as iconic videos from Herbie Hancock, The Beastie Boys, M/A/R/R/S, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and many more. (1 Hour approximately)

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 4 Hours approximately

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