THE ALARM The Video Archives 1984-1997 Volume I


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1. IRS The Cutting Edge 1984: Original Broadcast that finds the band traveling across America. Interview with the entire band whilst on Am Track traveling the country. They debut (during the filming) the then new song “The Chant Has Just Begun” along with Mike Peters later in the segment reading a piece from the Stand. RARE

2. IRS The Cutting Edge October 1984: A Re-Broadcast of the segment with The Alarm. This time the music video for “The Chant Has Just Begun” had just been completed and is included in this version of the broadcast but the segment with Mike Peter reading from The Stand is omitted.

3. BBC The Tube 1984: The Alarm perform live “Majority” and “Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?”

4. MTV’s The Alarm The Spirit of ’86 UCLA Campus, CA ORIGINAL Live Broadcast 04/12/86: This concert was broadcast live to USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Malta, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and Luxembourg. Later that night the band were entertained at Miles Copeland’s Beverly Hills Home. Set List: Declaration, 
Marching On, Howling Wind, Knife Edge, Blaze Of Glory, Absolute Reality, Where Were You Hiding (When The Storm Broke)?, Walk Forever By My Side, 68 Guns, Spirit Of ’76, 
Strength, The Stand, Knocking On Heavens Door (not on “official” release but is here nearly in it’s entirety)

5. MTV’s “Addicted To Style” News Report 1987: Mike & Dave discuss there “Fashion Philosophy” Dave & Mike are interviewed in Central Park in New York City.

6. MTV News 1987: Profile on new album “Eye Of The Hurricane” includes interview with Mike Peters and Dave Sharp in New York city’s Central Park. Footage of The Spirit of ’86 UCLA Campus, CA from 04/12/86.

7. Videosyncrasy 12/91: Opening, introduction by host talking about Dave Sharp’s first solo release. Probably for the first time anywhere a music video for “Homeless Child” Extremely Rare.

8. VH1’s Eight Days of The 80s 08/17/97: Opening, Profile of The Alarm/interview with Mike Peters. Teaser clip prior to commercial break includes Mike Peters. Later in the show Mike Peters is interviewed about the band and his recent collaboration with The Cult’s Billy Duffy in the late 90s. Also included is an interview with Billy Duffy.

9. Where Are They Now? 12/97: Opening, Mike Peters is interviewed about the early days of The Alarm, fighting cancer in 1996 and talk about The Gathering. Profile includes pointing out the end of The Alarm on June 30th 1991. Footage from Brixton.

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