The Clash / Havana 3am Video Archive Collection 1991-2015 Volume IV (Havana 3 a.m.)


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1. VH1 Classics The Headline Act 03/18/06: Paul Simonon and Mick Jones discuss the Clash release of the 25th Anniversary Edition of London Calling interspersed with music videos “I Fought The Law” (Live) (Clash on Broadway), “Rock The Casbah”, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”, “Radio Clash”, “Train In Vain (Live)” and “London Calling” MEGA RARE

2. BBC’s Rebel Truce: The History of The Clash 12/22/07: Rebel Truce – The History Of The Clash recounts the history of one of the most influential British punk rock bands of all time. The film offers a glimpse behind the personalities of the band, their highs and lows, endless touring schedules and ultimately their global success. Through candid conversations with Clash front-man Mick Jones, as well as archive interviews with the band, this is the first time that the band’s full history is told. The film features an interview with legendary punk filmmaker Don Letts, who shares his personal archive of unseen Clash footage. For fans of the Clash, it will be incredibly hard to keep two competing emotions at bay — fist-pumping adrenaline and crushing depression — while watching a documentary about “the only band that mattered.” The film tries valiantly as any film can to capture the bottled lightning, vitriol and passion that the Clash represented. It certainly ignites long-lost (or at least tamped-down) rushes of punk rock’s furious necessity, its youthful outrage and that staggering wonder of watching Mick Jones, Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon tear into “White Riot” or “London Calling.” In those moments you simultaneously want the world to be a better place socially and politically, to tell everybody to piss off, to go out and buy a guitar, to dive off a stage into a mosh pit and, unsurprisingly, to kill Jack Johnson or Coldplay! Rebel Truce holds up the Sex Pistols, the Clash and, to a lesser extent, the Buzzcocks as the trifecta of punk on the other side of the pond. Dive in and enjoy!

3. N i g h t F l i g h t Mother’s Day Special 05/11/91: Profile and interview with Havana 3am (Paul Simonon’s band of the Clash) includes is an exclusive interview with the band live performance clips from about four songs and various clips of their music video for “Reach The Rock”.

4. N i g h t F l i g h t Video Profile on Big Audio Dynamite 04/07/87: Includes interview with Mick Jones and the music videos for V Thirteen and The Bottom Line with clips from music videos E=MC2 and C’mon Every Beatbox

5. Video Killed The Radio Star Joe Strummer (of The Clash): 2015: Joe’s time spent with The Pogues while also taking a look at his brief foray into acting, with the movie Straight to Hell (1987). Unique archive footage of Joe Strummer and contributions from Pogues manager Frank Murray and Pogues legend Shane MacGowan are featured throughout.


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