The Clash & Joe Strummer Video Archives Collection 1999-2019 Volume V (In Progress Unavailable)


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1. Video Killed The Radio Star Joe Strummer (of The Clash) and The Pogues: 2015: Joe’s time spent with The Pogues while also taking a look at his brief foray into acting, with the movie Straight to Hell (1987). Unique archive footage of Joe Strummer and contributions from Pogues manager Frank Murray and Pogues legend Shane MacGowan are featured throughout.

2. Rock Legends Season 4 Episode 2 03/16/16: Examining the rise and continuing influence of rock titans the Clash through archival footage music videos and rarely seen photographs.

3. VH1 Legends Season 2 Episode 3 12/2/99: The Clash Exclusive in-depth interview/profile of the band with scenes from various VH1 and MTV interviews over the years along with segments from the documentary “West Way to the World”


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