The Clash & Joe Strummer Video Archives Collection 2019- Volume VI (In Progress Unavailable)


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1. REELZ Breaking The Band Season 2 episode 6 07/07/19: The Clash Charting the rise and fall of the Clash, an influential punk-rock band in the 1970s and ‘80s. One of the all-time great bands in the late 70s the Clash mixed punk rock, reggae, rap and politics to devastating effect and their hardline attitude to the music business and explosive power as a live act have become legendary. ‘Breaking the Band’ will follow their journey from their early beginnings to sell-out tours and chart-topping success to their eventual messy break up. Combining high-end stylized drama reconstruction, extensive archive and revealing interviews with the likes of original drummer for The Clash Terry Chimes. This documentary charts the turbulent history of a band who battled with egos, crippling drug addictions and sackings of their own members. We’ll uncover the reality of life in The Clash that the cameras missed.


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