The Cure Disintegration 30th Anniversary Concert 30 May 2019 Sydney, Australia DVD

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Original Air Date 05/30/19: As part of their extensive 2019 tour (including a headline slot at Glastonbury), the band announced a string of shows in Australia where they’ll be playing the album in full outside Sydney Opera House. The performance was directed by British filmmaker and Cure collaborator Nick Wickham. After opening with 1989-era rarities, including B-sides ‘Fear of Ghosts’, ‘Babble’ and ‘Out of Mind’ and outtakes ‘No Heart’, ‘Esten’ and ‘Delirious Night’, they then performed ‘Disintegration’ in full before an encore of early favourites.

“We look forward to celebrating the anniversary of this special album with you all. And remember, this album was mixed to be played loud… so turn it up!”

Track listings includes

B-Sides and Demos:

1. Delirious Night

2. Fear of Ghosts

3. No Heart

4. Esten

5. 2 Late

6. Out of Mind

7. Babble


8. Plainsong

9. Pictures of You

10. Closedown

11. Lovesong

12. Last Dance

13. Lullaby

14. Fascination Street

15. Prayers for Rain

16. The Same Deep Water as You

17. Disintegration

18. Homesick

19. Untitled


20. Burn

21. Three Imaginary Boys

22. Pirate Ships (Wendy Waldman cover)

Running time approximately 2 Hours 11 Minutes 50 Seconds

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