THE FIXX and Cy Curnin The Music Video Anthology (27 Videos with Alternate Versions 2 Hours)


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All music videos are official, UNINTERRUPTED and most importantly in chronological order. An incredible TWENTY SEVEN VIDEOS including alternate versions that total TWO HOURS long!!! The most complete music video collection of THE FIXX (including solo efforts from Cy Curnin) from start to finish in the world! Even if you own any prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL TWENTY SEVEN music videos available in this unique collection.


1. Some People
2. Stand Or Fall (Conceptual Version 1)
3. Red Skies (Original Conceptual Version 1)
4. Stand Or Fall (“Pop-Up” Version 2)
5. Saved By Zero
6. One Thing Leads To Another (Conceptual Version 1)
7. The Sign Of Fire
8. One Thing Leads To Another (Information Window Version 2)
9. Are We Ourselves?
10. Tina Tuner Featuring Cy Curnin and Jamie West-Oram of The Fixx: Better Be Good To Me
11. Sunshine In The Shade
12. Less Cities, More Moving People
13. Secret Separation
14. Built For The Future
15. Red Skies (Conceptual REACT Version 2)
16. Driven Out
17. Precious Stone
18. How Much Is Enough
19. Anyone Else

Cy Curnin Music Videos

20. Rupert Hine & Cy Curnin: With One Look (The Wildest Dream) (Better Off Dead Motion Picture Soundtrack)
21. In The Palms Of Our Hands
22. The Weight
23. Sail
24. I Was A King Once
25. In the Land of the Blind
26. Hell Hath No Fury
27. Superseded


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