The Fixx Music Video Anthology and Live 1984 (2 Hours)


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All music videos are official, COMPLETE, UNINTERRUPTED and all music videos are in the order that they were originally released. This Anthology totals an AMAZING SIXTEEN music video and the classic 1984 Concert “Live In The USA”. Exactly TWO HOURS Long of the history of music videos from one of the most profound bands that help shape the sound of the 1980’s. This is the most complete music video collection of The Fixx from start to finish in the world. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this unique offer in addition to the “Live In The USA” 1984 Concert. Track Listing is as follows:

1. Some People
2. Stand or Fall (Original Conceptual Version 1)
3. Red Skies (Original Conceptual Version 1)
4. Saved By Zero
5. One Thing Leads To Another (Original Conceptual Version 1)
6. Our We Ourselves
7. Sunshine In The Shade
8. Secret Separation
9. Red Skies (React New Version 2)
10. Driven Out
11. Precious Stone
12. How Much I s Enough
13. Less Cities, More Moving People
14. Tina Tuner (featuring Cy Curnin and Jamie West-Oram of The Fixx): Better Be Good To Me
15. Stand Or Fall (Pop Up Version 2)
16. One Thing Leads To Another (Information Window Version 2)


Saturday Night Live 2/18/84: (This is the first live American TV Appearance-Historic) songs include:

17. One Thing Leads To Another and
18. Red Skies

The Fixx: “Live in The USA” in St Petersburg, Florida at The Bayfront Center 1984:

Songs include:

19. Privilege,
20. Questions,
21. Less Cities, More Moving People,
22. Are we Ourselves?,
23. In Suspense,
24. Wish,
25. Saved By Zero,
26. Lost In Battle Overseas,
27. Deeper And Deeper,
28. Red Skies,
29. One Thing Leads To Another

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