The Killers and Brandon Flowers (Solo) The Music Video Anthology 2 DVD Set (contains FOURTY TWO music videos)


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Volume I

1. Somebody Told Me
2. Mr. Brightside (UK Conceptual Version)
3. All These Things I’ve Done (UK Conceptual Version)
4. Mr. Brightside (US Conceptual Version)
5. Smile Like You Mean It
6. All These Things I’ve Done (US Conceptual Version)
7. When You Were Young
8. Bones
9. A Great Big Sled Feat. Toni Halliday
10. When You Were Young (Alternative Cut)
11. Read My Mind
12. For Reasons Unknown
13. Tranquilize Feat. Lou Reed
14. Shadowplay
15. Don’t Shoot Me Santa
16. Human
17. Joseph, Better You Than Me
18. Spaceman
19. The World We Live In
20. A Dustland Fairytale
21. Goodnight, Travel Well
22. Happy Birthday Guadalupe feat. Wild Light, El Mariachi Bronx

Volume II

23. Mr. Brightside (Live at Royal Albert Hall 2009)
24. Boots
25. Brandon Flowers: Crossfire
26. Brandon Flowers: Only the Young
27. The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball
28. A Spaceship Adventure (Yo Gabba Gabba)
29. Battle Born Promotional Video: Brandon, Battle Born
30. Battle Born Promotional Video: Dave, the Mining
31. Battle Born Promotional Video: Mark, the Silver
32. Battle Born Promotional Video: Ronnie, the Sage
33. Runaways
34. Miss Atomic Bomb (Tour Video)
35. I Feel It In My Bones
36. Miss Atomic Bomb
37. Here With Me
38. Shot At the Night
39. Just Another Girl
40. Christmas In LA feat. Dawes
41. The Killers and Jimmy Kimmel: Joel the Lump of Coal
42. Brandon Flowers: Can’t Deny My Love

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