THE NEW 2021 BEHIND THE MUSIC BRET MICHAELS POISON (Documentary) plus BONUS “Big Interview” with Dan Rather (2019)


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1. Season 1 Episode 6 Original Air Date: Aug 25th 2021: Bret Michaels chronicles his journey from being the frontman of the ultimate party band, Poison, to battling to get back on the road after life-threatening health scares. Corey Taylor adds insight into Bret’s life and impact on the music industry. (49 Minutes)

2. The Big Interview with Dan Rather 10/23/19: Dan Rather joins chart-topping rocker and Poison frontman  Bret Michaels at his home in Scottsdale, AZ for an in-depth conversation covering his early days in music, his love for Arizona, his successful business ventures, his medical conditions and much more. Michaels opens up about being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was six years old, and the powerful impact it had on his life and career. “Without a doubt, being a diabetic made me grow up really quick and was 1,000% a driving force behind what I would become,” Michaels says. It was also instrumental in helping Michaels cope with the critics who were particularly harsh in the beginning. “It helped me to deal,” Michaels explains. “I said, ‘If I can do five injections a day, and every day is a life and death struggle at times, I can surely do with someone throwing some words at me.’” While it would have been easy to let the diagnosis negatively define him, Michaels chose to use it as fuel on his journey to rock n’ roll stardom. “Just like diabetes is a struggle, it’s a choice to stay positive in the worst of moments,” he continues. “I’ve learned to take that anger and that fight, and then quickly turn it around, not be bitter, and turn it into what you hope is success.”

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