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Season 1 Episode 4 Original Air Date: Aug 11th, 2021: Busta Rhymes chronicles his journey as the outrageous renegade of rap who found a new voice after a near-death experience led to a physical and emotional transformation. OT Genasis shares insights on Busta’s trajectory as a friend and fan.

The quick spitfire rapper that was part of the Leaders of the New School, Busta Rhymes’ reflection would be 20 years in the making (and counting). Growing up with divorced parents, his mindset was that his father still had an obligation to connect with him. Co-parenting however, like many things, is just not easy to accomplish, and it wouldn’t be clear to him until he ended up in a similar situation.

In his eyes, his work as a rap mogul was something he had to do because it ensured a residual for his kids (though he also knew the importance of being present as well). That mindset did cost him, though, because when all work finishes, it just leaves someone with their thoughts. Thoughts that could mess with their mind. In his case, it was the aftermath of his father and manager’s deaths. Rhymes’ thoughts would soon be joined by rounds of alcohol, which contributed to polyps in his throat, which isn’t ideal for spitting lightning-speed bars, or any bars, for that matter.

From that point forward, Rhymes was determined to get better. Another mission for the sake of his children, he lost a whopping amount of weight and gained a whopping amount of muscle through his transformation. Gaining a clearer state of mind, as well, he used it to its fullest force when he completed his long-awaited tenth studio album, much to the joy of people like new interviewee O.T. Genasis. Though he continues to secure the bag for his kids and others surrounding him, his security within himself has propelled him to succeed in ways that can’t be done otherwise. That is priceless. (47 Minutes)

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