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Season 1 Episode 5 Original Air Date: Aug 18th 2021: Duran Duran chronicles their journey from ambitious art rockers to one of the biggest bands in the world. For over four decades the band has continued their artistic evolution while managing interpersonal struggles. (53 Minutes)

It was nice to see them all sit down, and really speak totally BLUNTLY and brutally honestly about all the ups and downs, and rifts between members, and bad habits, and coping with crazy fans (or in 1 case, not being able to cope with crazy fans). They are a group of 5 very talented men, who will leave a lot of great music for the new generations to enjoy and be inspired by as well.

This episode focused on The Fab Five: Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Simon Le Bon, and Andy Taylor. Duran Duran has had other members beyond The Fab Five throughout their career, but the episode centered on the most known lineup. As Andy has departed the band, the episode only had new interviews of the others, though older interview footage of Andy is dispersed within the episode. It’s disappointing that there isn’t any updated footage for Andy, considering he was a prominent member. However, as he left the band a while back, it’s unnecessary to bring him back if he has nothing to do with what Duran Duran is currently doing. Still, I always like seeing all of the important, well-known members in music groups to be represented fairly. (53 Minutes)

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