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Season 1 Episode 3 Original Air Date: Aug 4th, 2021: Huey Lewis chronicles his journey to stardom and his life-long love of music while discussing his on-going battle with Meniere’s Disease and hearing loss. Jimmy Kimmel and Topher Grace share insight on his career as fans and good friends of Huey’s.

Despite the implication, only Huey Lewis gives a new interview. Various members of the News giving interviews were still shown, but only through older footage. In addition to Huey Lewis, comedian Jimmy Kimmel and actor Topher Grace were also interviewed. The largest takeaway was how sad it was to hear how both of his ears had been impaired. In fact, feeling out-of-place was uniquely constant throughout his life. From a physical standpoint, he needed shots for earaches as a kid; a social standpoint, when he transferred to a prep school after growing up in a Bohemian environment; a musical standpoint when he joined the loosely-defined band Clover. Despite situations like these, Huey Lewis made the most of them, finding light in darkness.

Even with Ménière’s disease making him destined to never be able to perform again, he still was hopeful in not letting that stop him. It’s always a shame whenever someone who positively impacts the world gets a setback they don’t deserve, and while the odds of doing live concerts are against him, contributions such as being involved in The Heart of Rock & Roll musical are never going to separate Huey Lewis from performance. After all, this is the same guy that, to me, finds light in darkness. (53 Minutes)

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