THE NEW 2021 BEHIND THE MUSIC LL COOL J (Documentary) EMINEM plus BONUS 2021 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Performance


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1. Season 1 Episode 2 Original Air Date: July 28th 2021: LL COOL J chronicles his journey from surviving the tough inner city streets of New York to the ups and downs he faced becoming a legendary hip hop star and pop culture icon. Eminem provides insights on how LL has left his mark on the Hip Hop genre.

It is widely known that LL’s music heavily influenced Marshall (Eminem), and he admired both LL Cool J’s style and technical abilities to the point that he admitted to him personally that he was his Stan. So this was a topic dear and near to Em’s heart, and Marshall seemed very comfortable to talk about his inspiration on camera. After this outpour of love and respect, LL Cool J said a couple of words himself to shout back at Eminem: I love Em. I think he’s such a good dude. It feels good to know that you inspired other great artists. (52 Minutes)

2. The 36th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony was held at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio on October 30, 2021 and aired November 20th 2021 Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony that was originally scheduled for May 2nd of this year.

Musical Excellence Award: LL Cool J, Billy Preston and Randy Rhoads. For his much-anticipated Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, rapper LL Cool J amped up the energy in Cleveland considerably, thanks to a career-spanning set that featured two of the night’s first major surprise guests: Eminem and Jennifer Lopez. LL started off his set with a bang, going into 1987’s “Go Cut Creator Go,” from Bigger and Deffer. Sporting an all-silver iridescent jumpsuit with silver sparkle accents on the cuffs and neck, as well as a gray knit hat and sunglasses, he darted and jumped on the stage like a prizefighter. LL was clearly fired up to be performing, channeling the hunger and passion of his younger, Eighties self as he rapped.

After a bit of 1988’s “Going Back to Cali,” surprise guest Eminem nonchalantly walked onstage. What ensued was a positively incendiary collaboration on “Rock the Bells.” Eminem and LL dueted like they were in a rap battle, trading lyrics on the song with no-holds-barred ferocity; it was clear they were each pushing the other to perform better, faster, more. After a bit of “I’m Bad” came another one of the night’s surprises: Jennifer Lopez strutted on stage for the duo’s sinewy 2003 No. 1 single “All I Have.” Wearing black pants, a bra top with silvery accents, and a blue jacket (and matching fingernails), she and LL playfully and flirtatiously sang together, representing well for the rapper’s R&B-influenced side. LL’s performance closed with an equally fiery “Mama Said Knock You Out.” Figures wearing white hoodies appeared on the arena floor, dancing in the aisles of the floor around tables of inductees and audience members, before heading to the stage to mimic the music video’s fighter theme.

By this time, LL was clearly on another level — more than confirming that his induction was long, long overdue. Incredibly, however, he had been nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame six previous times before finally earning the nod in 2021.


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