THE NEW 2021 BEHIND THE MUSIC New Kids On The Block NKOTB (Documentary)

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Season 1 Episode 3 Original Air Date: August, 2021: NKOTB’s new documentary “Behind the Music” on Paramount +, was originally scheduled for August 26 and postponed without notice nor an official new date of release; but, it was all carefully planned: the show was finally available on the anniversary of the New Kids On The Block come back album “The Block” in 2008. One may wonder if there is anything left to be said after over three decades; during the quarantine, for instance, the New Kids On The Block did a series of live streams where they shared never told stories about the origins of the band, the recording of the albums during the pre-reunion era and much more. However, Joey McIntyre said the new show taught him a few things he didn’t know about the band; “Enjoyed giving more perspective to this amazing blessed journey we are all on!!!”

Running Time: 59 Minutes

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1 review for THE NEW 2021 BEHIND THE MUSIC New Kids On The Block NKOTB (Documentary)

  1. meddersfelicia (verified owner)

    This disc is flawless. Just got it in the mail. Will watch it over and over again. Thank you so much!!!! If you add more NKOTB stuff I will get it. This is the only place on the internet where I was able to find NKOTB Behind The Music on DVD!

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