The Rolling Stones My Life as a Rolling Stone Sixty Years of Rock and Roll 2 DVD Set (All 4 Episodes)

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This four-part docuseries “My Life as a Rolling Stone” is tied o the band’s 60th anniversary, this exhilarating series will show a global audience how The Rolling Stones created the blueprint for every budding rock band, and grew from young blues-loving hopefuls to a globally recognized cultural brand.

Each episode will feature an intimate portrait of one of the band’s charismatic members (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and the late Charlie Watts), exploring different dimensions of their personalities, their musical brilliance, and their cultural impact. The series aims to reveal The Rolling Stones’ creativity, their inspirations, and how they individually and collectively have overcome adversity, notoriety, and personal demons to write the soundtrack of our times.

“This distinctive documentary captures the raw and organic energy that defines The Rolling Stones, and tells the gripping, epic story of their journey. Viewers will experience this legendary band as few ever have before. These are dynamic-yet-highly-personal portraits of Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie, as they celebrate 60 years with this exclusive access to The Rolling Stones through these special shows.

My Life as a Rolling Stone  is directed by Oliver Murray (The Quiet One), and Clare Tavernor (Keith Richards: A Culture Show Special), and executive produced by Steve Condie, SVP

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Episode 1: “Mick Jagger” Air Date: August 7th 2022: Mick Jagger has spent 60 years as frontman for The Rolling Stones. He talks exclusively about his life in the band, from his first performances in local teenage parties to his creation of a stage persona that has defined the rock ‘n’ roll singer. Mick’s creative and commercial vision has been instrumental to The Rolling Stones’ success. He’s steered the band to incredible musical heights, striving to keep them unified through fallouts, changing fashions, and attitudes.

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Episode 2: “Keith Richards” Air Date: August 7th 2022: For 60 years, Keith Richards has been the lead guitarist of The Rolling Stones, a defiant hedonist and rock hero. Here he, and other stellar musicians, talk about his colorful career. This episode explores how important Keith Richards’s unbridled passion has been to The Rolling Stones, how the sheer power of playing live keeps them on the road, and how important his image of transgression and rebellion has been to the legend of The Stones.

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Episode 3: “Ronnie Wood” Air Date: August 14th 2022: Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and a stellar cast of musicians explore the exhilarating highs and some dangerous lows in the brilliant career of a British rock ‘n’ roll icon. This guitar hero, artist, and the living embodiment of the vibrancy of British-born rock ‘n’ roll. He talks exclusively about his career and his life as a Rolling Stone, with its exhilarating highs and sometimes-dangerous lows.

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Episode 4: “Charlie Watts” Air Date: August 14th 2022: Charlie Watts was the rock-steady heart of the Rolling Stones for 60 years. A stellar cast of musicians look at Charlie’s brilliance as a drummer and his unique personality. For six decades, Charlie Watts was the quiet force and swinging backbeat of the Stones and the least-showy drummer in rock history.

TOTAL DURATION for Discs 1 & 2: Approximately 4 Hours

Review: “A very interesting and educational documentary, and surprisingly so. I have watched scores of documentaries on the Stones and figured that this one could not possibly add to that knowledge. It seemed pretty basic in its set up – just interview and cover the four current members – making me think this would be a dull, conventional, linear documentary. How wrong I was. While each episode does concentrate on a single Stone it is not to the exclusion of other members or of other aspects of the Stones’ history. The individual is a spine to build an aspect of the Stones’ story around while giving details of their life and talents. The scene sequence is more thematic than linear, making for an interesting, entertaining journey.”

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4 reviews for The Rolling Stones My Life as a Rolling Stone Sixty Years of Rock and Roll 2 DVD Set (All 4 Episodes)

  1. Samuel C Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I was looking forward to seeing this Documentary. It aired on the EPIX Channel and APP which I do not have. I was not going to pay for another service. I knew to go to MVR and purchase it. The 2 DVD set has 2 episodes each on it. Covering the 4 Rolling Stones. Good thing this was filmed before Charlie’s death. The Documentary should have more buzz. The DVD’s are professionally made and are excellent quality.

  2. Graeme Ferdinands (verified owner)

    Pretty hard to get elsewhere at all, let alone in this excellent Quality! Highly recommended! Prompt delivery of Discs!

  3. mbarth (verified owner)

    Great Documentary Series – DVD’s shipped to me in Buffalo very quick and quality was great – Service from the MVR staff was great also – you will like this!
    Mike from Williamsville NY

  4. greta51 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t find this anywhere and I’m so glad MVR had it! Great quality! I have watched DVD Set 5 times. Your website is fantastic! Will certainly keep you in mind for future for hard to find music video collections or documentaries.

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