The Smiths Morrissey & Johnny Marr Video Archives 1983-2013 (4 DVD Set 8 Hrs.)

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The following Worldwide Video Archives includes footage from as early as 1983 to 2013. The source of the archives mostly consists of footage from the UK. Other sections of this archives set were sourced from Spain Australia and the USA.

The Smiths MORRISSEY The Video Archives 1985-2008 Volume I

1.    MTV’s IRS the Cutting Edge 12/85: Opening and Interview with Morrissey. This interview actually aired though out the entire hour of their “New Year’s Special” This is perfectly edited with only the parts with Morrissey.
2.    Saturday Night Live 1992: Glamorous Glue & Suedehead (LIVE) & Closing Segment
PLEASE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING TWO SEGMENTS (as with the ones above) are professionally edited and include ALL the segments related to Morrissey, including ALL mentions, teasers and the actual interview and live performances. You will not find a more COMPLETE and comprehensive content as what is provided in this, Moz’s first US TV appearance in nearly over a decade.
3.    The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 9/12/02: Teaser, Opening, opening comments from Craig and report outside of Moz’s dressing room. “In The News” segment with update on Moz, Craig teaser yet again showing photographs of Moz. Tom Green is introduced with music from the song “Suedehead.” Outro of Tom Green with music from the song “The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get” and teaser for Moz “coming up next” with clip of performance. A collection if scenes from various past shows where Craig mentions Moz and Craig introduces Moz for an in-depth interview, “Still To Come” teaser for Moz’s live performance and then a performance of “The First Of The Gang To Die” (LIVE) and ending segment.
4.    The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 9/13/02: Opening, teaser about Moz’s appearance, another teaser, Craig’s funny sketch about “The Best of Morrissey” CD and another teaser. Ice Cube is asked questions about Morrissey and The Smiths. Yet again another teaser with music from the song “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful”. Jessica Simpson introduced with music from the song “Boy Racer”. Another outro teaser about Moz. The  “coming up next “  teaser with clip of performance then Moz performs “Everyday Is Like Sunday” (LIVE) including impromptu lyrical insertions as well as reworking of some existing lyrics. A heart felt and rare performance. Closing segment thanking Moz.
5.    VH1 Classic “Headline Act” with The Smiths 3/2003: In-Depth Interview with JohnnyMarr discusses only The Smiths and music philosophy of their sound.
6.    VH1 Classics “We Are The 80’s” 6/29/03: Interview with Johnny Marr
7.    Ovation Network Music Express 4/28/05: In-Depth Interview with Morrissey by Irish DJ Dave Fanning just prior to his world tour. Morrissey discusses The Smiths, JohnnyMarr and his solo career. (24 Minutes)
8.    Ovation Network from the BBC Later With Jules Holland 07/15/06 (Originally Aired in the UK 2004): Morrissey performs Irish Blood, English Heart, The First Of The Gang, and There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
9.    The Late Show with David Letterman 6/30/07: Morrissey performs live one song
10.    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/28/08: Morrissey performs All You Need Is Me LIVE from his Greatest Hits CD
11.    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/29/08: Morrissey performs Irish Blood, English Heart LIVE from his Greatest Hits CD


The Smiths MORRISSEY Video Archives Volume II (Live In Dallas & Intoducing Morriseey)

1. MORRISSEY Live in Dallas, Texas 1991 (58 Mins):
Live in Dallas is a video recording of Morrissey in concert. Originally released on VHS in 1992 the video was filmed in front of a sell out crowd of 11,000 people at the Dallas Starplex Amphitheater during 1991. This film includes footage of the infamous stage invasion which caused Morrissey to exit the stage halfway through the first encore, leaving guitarist Alain Whyte on vocals. The set consisted of songs featured on his first two studio albums Viva Hate and Kill Uncle, as well as the compilation album Bona Drag.

“The Last of the Famous International Playboys”
“Interesting Drug”
“Picadilly Palare”
“Sing Your Life”
“King Leer”
“Asian Rut”
“Mute Witness”
“November Spawned a Monster”
“Will Never Marry”
“Angel, Angel Down We Go Together”
“There’s a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends”
“That’s Entertainment”
“Our Frank”
“Everyday Is Like Sunday”

2. “Introducing MORRISSEY” LIVE 1995 (65 Minutes): Introducing Morrissey is a video release by Morrissey. The video presents his 1995 British concert tour. It had been available on VHS.

Track listing
“Billy Budd”
“Have-a-Go Merchant”
“Spring-Heeled Jim”
“You’re the One for Me, Fatty”
“The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get”
“Whatever Happens, I Love You”
“We’ll Let You Know”
“Jack the Ripper”
“Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself”
“The National Front Disco”
“Moon River”
“Hold on to Your Friends”
“Now My Heart Is Full”



1. “Whistle Test On The Road” The Smiths Live at Derby Assembly Rooms 12/9/83. Amazing performance including lots of flower throwing and the whole stage filled with audience members during the last track! Tracks include:
1) Handsome Devil 2) Still Ill 3) This Charming Man 4) Pretty Girls Make Graves
5) Reel Around The Fountain 6) What Difference Does It Make? 7) Miserable Lie 8) This Night Has Opened My Eyes 9) Hand In Glove 10) These Things Take Time 11) You’ve Got Everything Now


2. “The Tube” The Smiths 3/16/84 – AMAZING live performances. Songs include: 1) Hand In Glove 2) Still Ill (Fabulous performance with Moz rolling around on the floor) 3) Barbarism Begins At Home


3. Spanish TV “Arsenal” Smiths Documentary 10/85 PART I – A comprehensive documentary featuring live footage, interviews (in English) and RARE promo videos. Content is as follows:
1) Hand In Glove (EXCLUSIVE live performance in Spain)
2) Handsome Devil (promo)
3) Johnny Marr interview
5) Morrissey interview
6) Barbarism Begins At Home (live performance in Spain)
7) Morrissey interview
8) Johnny Marr interview
9) Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now (live promo)
10) How Soon Is Now? (promo)
11) Morrissey/Marr interviews
12) Rusholme Ruffians (live performance in Spain)
13) Headmaster Ritual (live promo)
14) Morrissey interview
15) Hand In Glove sang by SANDIE SHAW in front of Smiths lineup instead of Morrissey – RARE PROMO!
16) Morrissey/Marr interview
17) What I Wouldn’t Give by Pink Industry (promo – clips of Morrissey interspersed in video)
18) Morrissey interview
19) Miserable Lie (live promo)
20) The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (promo)


Morrissey The Video Archives 1987-2013 Volume IV (The Importance of Being…)

1. UKTV Channel 4 “The Importance of Being Morrissey” 6/8/03 – EXCELLENT documentary showing live footage of Morrissey on tour, interviews, Morrissey’s home, and Moz going to the barber AND a strip club!?!
2. Australian TV – Rock Arena “Johnny Marr Talks” 5/9/87 (INCOMPLETE) – lengthy interview and Smiths promos. Clips include: This Charming Man – RARE promo version 2 DIFFERENT than “Complete Picture” video, Panic and Big Mouth Strikes Again (Whistle Test performance)
3. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 4/28/09: Opening, Morrissey teaser, one song live from the LP Years of Refusal
4. Seven Ages of Rock (Documentary Series) Episode: “What Is The World Waiting For? British Indie” 2007: Profile of The Smiths along with interviews with original members Johnny Marr and Mike Joyce as they discuss the beginnings of the popularity of the band. Include is The Smiths first appearance on Top of The Pops.
5. Glastonbury 2004: Everyday Is Like Sunday, First Of The Gang To Die, Irish Blood, English Heart,
6. Glastonbury 2011: Morrissey performs You Have Killed Me, Irish Blood, English Heart and This Charming Man
7. The Late Show with David Letterman 01/08/13: Action Is My Middle Name LIVE
8. Later with Jools Holland 06/04/13: Opening, Johnny Marr returns to the show with his new band to perform songs from his first-ever solo LP The Messenger. Live performances of Upstarts and The Right Thing Right

Total Running Time 1 Hour 50 Minutes

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    All in all this resource, site, collection is well worth your time and money! The p+p etc is also first class as is the communication, a big A+++++ to all concerned Mark, In Manchester UK……

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