The Smiths & Morrissey The Video Archives 1985-2008 Volume I


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1. MTV’s IRS the Cutting Edge 12/85: Opening and Interview with Morrissey. This interview actually aired though out the entire hour of their “New Year’s Special” This is perfectly edited with only the parts with Morrissey.
2. Saturday Night Live 1992: Glamorous Glue & Suedehead (LIVE) & Closing Segment
PLEASE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING TWO SEGMENTS (as with the ones above) are professionally edited and include ALL the segments related to Morrissey, including ALL mentions, teasers and the actual interview and live performances. You will not find a more COMPLETE and comprehensive content as what is provided in this, Moz’s first US TV appearance in nearly over a decade.
3. The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 9/12/02: Teaser, Opening, opening comments from Craig and report outside of Moz’s dressing room. “In The News” segment with update on Moz, Craig teaser yet again showing photographs of Moz. Tom Green is introduced with music from the song “Suedehead.” Outro of Tom Green with music from the song “The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get” and teaser for Moz “coming up next” with clip of performance. A collection if scenes from various past shows where Craig mentions Moz and Craig introduces Moz for an in-depth interview, “Still To Come” teaser for Moz’s live performance and then a performance of “The First Of The Gang To Die” (LIVE) and ending segment.
4. The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 9/13/02: Opening, teaser about Moz’s appearance, another teaser, Craig’s funny sketch about “The Best of Morrissey” CD and another teaser. Ice Cube is asked questions about Morrissey and The Smiths. Yet again another teaser with music from the song “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful”. Jessica Simpson introduced with music from the song “Boy Racer”. Another outro teaser about Moz. The “coming up next “ teaser with clip of performance then Moz performs “Everyday Is Like Sunday” (LIVE) including impromptu lyrical insertions as well as reworking of some existing lyrics. A heart felt and rare performance. Closing segment thanking Moz.
5. VH1 Classic “Headline Act” with The Smiths 3/2003: In-Depth Interview with JohnnyMarr discusses only The Smiths and music philosophy of their sound.
6. VH1 Classics “We Are The 80’s” 6/29/03: Interview with Johnny Marr
7. Ovation Network Music Express 4/28/05: In-Depth Interview with Morrissey by Irish DJ Dave Fanning just prior to his world tour. Morrissey discusses The Smiths, JohnnyMarr and his solo career. (24 Minutes)
8. Ovation Network from the BBC Later With Jules Holland 07/15/06 (Originally Aired in the UK 2004): Morrissey performs Irish Blood, English Heart, The First Of The Gang, and There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
9. The Late Show with David Letterman 6/30/07: Morrissey performs live one song
10. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/28/08: Morrissey performs All You Need Is Me LIVE from his Greatest Hits CD
11. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/29/08: Morrissey performs Irish Blood, English Heart LIVE from his Greatest Hits CD


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