THE SPECIALS Rock Goes To College & Arena – Rudies Come Back The Rise and Rise of 2-Tone 1980 Documentary (The SKA Video Archives Volume I)


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1. Rock Goes To College The Specials 01/21/80: The student-taunting Specials perform at the Colchester Institute in 1979, playing hits such as Rat Race, Too Much Too Young and Gangsters, throwing tambourines at the bouncers and indulging in a little moon-stomping during a stage invasion.
Track Listing

1. Dawning Of A New Era
2. Monkey Man
3. Rat Race
4. Blank Expression
5. Concrete Jungle
6. Too Much Too Young
7. Guns Of Navarone
8. Nite Klub
9. Gangsters
10. Medley: Long Shot Kick De Bucket / Liquidator / Skinhead Moonstomp

2. Arena – Rudies Come Back The Rise and Rise of 2-Tone 01/12/80: Old and new fans of 2-Tone have spoken longingly of BBC Arena television documentary titled “Rudies Come Back Or The Rise And Rise Of 2-Tone” that aired during the height of 2 Tone. Arena is a British television documentary series, made and broadcast by the BBC. It has run since the October 1, 1975, and over five hundred episodes have been made.

This particular episode of The Arena program is incredibly rare as fans of 2-tone have been looking for this for years since it aired back in 1980! The program itself is an engaging and humorous profile of The Specials. It was filmed in 1979 and originally aired on the BBC on January 12th, 1980. It may have been repeated a few times since, but it remains a holy grail of documentary footage of the The Specials and Coventry that captures them and 2-Tone at their peak. One of the highlights for me was seeing Neville in full judges robes on stage during “Stupid Marriage”.

Arena goes to Coventry to quiz The Selecter (“We’re not just a dance band, we have things to say.”) and The Specials about the rise and rise of 2-Tone and all things ska. Adrian Thrills investigates 2 Tone, the exhilarating musical blend of reggae, rock, soul, ska, blue beat and punk, which took the country by storm in the late 70s and early 80s.
Whilst The Selector do feature, this Arena documentary from 1980 is really all about The Specials, whose live performances and ramshackle, on the hoof interviews in “2-Tone HQ”, aka a flat in Cov next door to Jackson’s Poodle Parlour, dominate the proceedings.

Some interesting and atmospheric filmed inserts to dramatise The Specials songs.
Director Jeff Perks and features Adrian Thrills, The Selecter and The Specials

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 1 Hour 18 Minutes

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