THIS IS MY STORY. MY TRUTH. JANET JACKSON. Documentary DVD 2 DVD Set (2022 Documentary Episodes 1 and 2)


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The 2022 Documentary is in 2 Episodes.

Disc 1: Episode 1 (Parts 1 & 2) and Disc 2: Episode 2 (Parts 3 & 4)

four-hour event, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Janet’s first album, Janet Jackson (1982) was filmed over a 5 year period. With full, unprecedented access to the global icon, JANET JACKSON. is an intimate, honest and unfiltered look at her untold story. Producers Workerbee have been filming the incredible documentary for over five years and were granted exclusive access to archival footage and Janet’s never before seen home videos, along with star-studded interviews.

This is the definitive story on Janet Jackson. One of the best-selling and highest-earning artists in music history, Janet has enjoyed immense levels of success, experienced incredible tragedy, and endured a tumultuous private life in the face of extraordinary public scrutiny. With no stone left unturned, JANET JACKSON lifts the lid on her private life for the very first time in this (ALL EXCLUSIVE interviews filmed specifically for this documentary only) and reveals some of her most intimate moments ever caught on camera.

Disc 1: Episode 1 (Parts 1 & 2) Air Date January 28th 2022: 

Part 1: At the age of seven, Janet’s father, tough talking Joe Jackson, put her to work in the family show. Her father never asked if she wanted to be a performer, so it’s down to Janet to find her own path.

Part 2: After two unsuccessful albums and a failed marriage to singer James DeBarge, Janet decides that if she’s going to have a musical career, it will be on her own terms; she has to take control of her life.

Duration 1 Hour 23 Minutes


Disc 2: Episode 2 (Parts 3 & 4) Air Date January 29th 2022:

Part 3: Janet signs multi-million dollar sponsorship contracts, lands leading roles in feature films, and becomes a sex icon. But with the news of accusations about her brother Michael, her world comes crashing down.

Part 4: Following the 2004 Super Bowl controversy, Janet finds herself blacklisted. Refusing to accept defeat, friends and fans fight for her right to be recognized as a true performing legend.

Duration 1 Hour 23 Minutes

Total Duration Discs 1 and 2: 2 Hours and 46 approximately

FULL HD 1080p ALL commercials professionally edited out

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