Thomas Dolby Live Wireless (1983) (Remastered from LaserDisc to DVD) Lene Lovich


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Released exclusively on the long since discontinued and deleted formats of VHS, LaserDisc and even (yes folks) Betamax the following has NEVER been REMASTERED and released on DVD until NOW!

Background: In 1983 the seminal concert from Thomas Debbie was released on VHS and both the UK and in the US. The USA also released a Betamax version. The only countries that released the laser disk of this concert was in Japan in the US. The Original Japanese release on LaserDisc was sourced for the REMASTERING of this DVD. For over 40 years this rare concert was never released on DVD and has never been re-issued in any country. Offered in the best possible quality, available for the first time ever in the USA since 1983 is the REMASTERED from LaserDisc to DVD for all you Thomas Dolby and Synth Pop fans of the early 80s.

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Description: Live Wireless was a mini-concert filmed in 1983 at the Riverside Studios in front of a live audience.  As was the wont at that time, the live video had a concept due to the fact that it was fashionable to intersperse live footage with something else, presumably to break up the monotony of watching the live performance.  Dolby uses himself in the guise of, presumably, his cooler younger brother as a cinema projectionist.

Lasting about an hour, Dolby performs a live set with his touring band, running through most of the more well-known tracks from The Golden Age Of Wireless as well as some lesser known songs.  Part of this intimate concert involves performance art so you’ll see the appearance of a periscope in front of Dolby for One Of Our Submarines and jungle masks appearing on two of the band for the cover of Joni Mitchell’s Jungle Line.  Old compatriot Lene Lovich appears for a performance of the Dolby-penned New Toy and guitarist Kevin Armstrong takes lead vocals on the rather weak Samson And Delilah.  Regardless of this last one, it’s a cracking set and a fantastic addition.

Recorded Live at the Riverside Theatre Studios, London, and originally released on videocassette on 9 November 1983 by Picture Music International

Side 1

1. Europa 3:24
2. Windpower 3:42
3. One Of Our Submarines 5:00
4. Radio Silence 4:22
5. New Toy 3:18
6. Urban Tribal 3:36
7. Flying North 5:12

Side 2

8. Jungleline 6:35
9. Puppet Theatre 3:57
10. Samson And Delilah 3:57
11. She Blinded Me With Science 3:26
12. Airwaves 5:17

Total Running Time: 58 Minutes

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