Thompson Twins and Babble The Music Video Anthology and Live 1982-1993 2 DVD Set

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This TWO DVD SET 2.0 Dolby Stereo Anthology includes all of Thompson Twins conceptual music videos in the order that they were originally released. In addition to the worldwide live performances and interviews, it is OVER THREE HOURS LONG. All of this rare footage is from Worldwide sourced archives from Germany, UK and America and is professionally edited. BOTH DVD’s come with full multi page menus and chapters with thumbnails for each and every segment. The following segment listings are complete and you get EVERYTHING listed below for your purchase and it’s only available at MVR!

Thompson Twins: The Music Video Anthology Volume I of II
(Includes full menu and chapter selections)

1.    Lies (Original Conceptual Version 1)
2.    Love On Your Side
3.    We Are Detective
4.    Watching
5.    Hold Me Now
6.    Doctor! Doctor!
7.    You Take Me Up
8.    Sister Of Mercy
9.    Lay Your Hands On Me
10.    Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream
11.    King For A Day

Thompson Twins & Babble & Live:
The Music Video Anthology Volume II of II
(Includes full menu and chapter selections

12.    Lies (12” Remix Version 2) RARE
13.    Revolution RARE
14.    Long Goodbye RARE
15.    Sugar Daddy RARE
16.    Come Inside (12” Remix) MEGA RARE
17.    Babble: Take Me Away RARE
18.    (US TV) Saturday Night Live 1984: Hold Me Now and Into The Gap Live
19.    (GERMAN TV) Formels Eins 1984: Hold Me Now (Performance)
20.    (European TV) 1984: Sister Of Mercy
21.    (GERMAN TV) Thommy’s Pop Show 1985: Hold Me Now and Lay Your Hands On Me (Performance)
22.    (UK TV) Rock Over London 1985: King For A Day
23.    (European TV) Night Time Show 1985: Lay Your Hands On Me (Performance)
24.    Live Aid 07.13.1985: Thompson Twins with Nile Rogers and Steve Stevens perform Hold Me Now and Revolution with Madonna (This is considered EXTREMELY RARE because this performance from Thompson Twins was EXCLUDED from the Live Aid DVD Set release in 2005 with the exception of Revolution where Madonna joined the band on stage)
25.    (US TV) VH1’s Where are they Now? 1998: The Thompson Twins interviewed at thesir private home in New Zealand

Both EXCLUSIVE DVD’s are from original masters for great quality and Dolby 2.0 Stereo sound. Both DVD’s together equal under THREE HOURS LONG of extremely rare footage from around the world. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have ALL of the music videos available in this unique offer. Visit my other TWO Thompson Twins LIVE DVDs here at MVR via the search engine!

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5 reviews for Thompson Twins and Babble The Music Video Anthology and Live 1982-1993 2 DVD Set

  1. Rene Havmand (verified owner)

    I got the Thompson Twins & Babble: The Music Video Anthology & Live 1982-1993 DVDs yesterday

    I saw the DVD’s and I am very satisfied with them
    Picture and sound is good, and all their Videos is on the DVD set, plus some extra great bonus

    The DVDs also have a good menu so it looks nice

    Another good buy MVR Music Video Resource!



  3. fox_man37

    I was thrilled to find this video collection of Thompson Twins. I haven’t seen these videos since I was a kid! Outstanding job as well with the menu feature on the DVD. I was also really glad to finally see videos to “Sugar Daddy” and “Come Inside”. The inclusion of the video to “Take Me Away” when they changed their name to Babble was a real treat! I’m not sure if they made a video for “Love Has No Name” from the second Babble album. This Music Video Anthology DVD also included Thompson Twins’ performance at Live-Aid from 1985 with Madonna joining them onstage, and the VH-1 “Where are they now?” segment, which I saw back in 1997, so it was good to finally see again!

    All in all, a great collection for any true Thompson Twins fan! Be sure also to check out Tom Bailey’s new solo album, “Science Fiction”, as a lot of the songs sound very Thompson Twins-ish!

  4. thenewbegining50 (verified owner)

    Boy I was happy to get my Thompson Twins & Babble The Music Video Anthology & Live 1982-1993 2 DVD Set. It arrived very fast. My shipping took only 5 days, for me MVR please update accounts when orders are shipped, had no idea mine was in the mailbox, 3 weeks later, but you guys are really cool, I will in ejnoy this DVD set.

  5. kathyrpappas (verified owner)

    I’m happy I ordered the video anthology. I love the songs and videos.

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