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A chronicling of America’s reaction to the loss of one of the greatest solo performers of the last 50 years. In this memorial tribute collection you’ll find a compilation, as it happened, in chronological order of the segments released in tribute to the great Tina Turner.

1. TMZ Live 05/24/23: Announcement of Tina’s passing any impact on the industry

2. CNN Anderson Cooper 360 05/24/23: an in-depth look at Tina Turner’s career. Take me to include sly performance footage including her duet with Rod Stewart live in concert as well as clips from her interview with Larry King. In addition is an exclusive interview with musician Herbie Hancock who discusses his personal relationship with Tina Turner and how he showed her support when she needed it most after leaving Ike in the now infamous divorce. Herbie Hancock is interviewed over the phone and discuss his Buddhism and how he met Tina through fellow Buddhist. He also discussed working with her in 2009 and how Buddhism revitalize her life and career

3. CNN Primetime 05/24/23: in-depth career profile on Tina Turner in-depth profile on Tina Turner. Included in this in-depth segment about her career and her untimely passing is a brarae Larry King Interview from the 21 st of Feburary 1997. The following segment includes an exclusive interview with songwriter Diane Warren. Diane goes into great detail about working with Tina on the B-side for the single “Typical Male” called “Don’t Turn Around” that was later made popular by Ace of Base and ASWAD. Also talks about the first moment she ever heard Tina sing one of her songs

4. ABC Nightline 05/24/23: profile of artist Tina Turner. A retrospective look at her life and the highlights of her career. Included are vintage show interviews through the ABC network over the years in addition to archival live footage.

5. TODAY 05/25/23: Opening leading to entire segment dedicated to Tina Turner. Put in the dedication or archival clips from various music videos  interviews of the years on the today show as well as other NBC network-based programming. as Also included  are quotes from Jaggers Twitter and Oprah Winfrey accounts amongst others. Second segment includes comments from MTV former host Carson Daly about her tragic passing. Also included as an exclusive third segment, an interview with backing vocalist that you’ll recognize. Later in that segment actor and singer Gloria Reuben gets emotional while opening up about what the loss of Tina Turner means for her and remembers how Turner took her on as a backup singer after her role on “E.R.” “She changed my life in every way possible.”

6. TMZ Live 05/25/23: Report about Tina’s passing including comments from the host. TMZ also takes live calls from fans and discusses the sudden increase in sales across all of the releases of Tina’s entire music career.

7. Inside Edition 05/25/23: Report on her final years including Tina’s comments about her medical condition plus footage of her with Oprah Winfrey. The segment includes a scene with Oprah being interviewed about her passing with Gail on CBS. Also included is footage of Tina at the opening of her play as well as dedication by Lizzo at her recent concert.

8. Access Hollywood 05/25/23: produces a “tribute” segment that is shown in several as separate segments throughout the course of the show. The first segment includes interview with her from 2000 and scenes of the fans outside of Tina Switzerland estate. Includes a scene with Oprah on CBS morning show being interviewed about Tina’s passing saying how her husband “willed her to live”. Footage from when Tina Turner surprised Oprah on her 50th birthday on the Oprah show. Also included is a quote from Beyoncé on her website regarding Tina’s passing with footage of them both performing “Proud Mary” on the Grammys. Segment also discusses the dramatic increase in sales online of all of Tina Turner’s catalog with “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” being number one on the charts. Clip with Lizzo performing Proud Mary at her most recent tour. Then a separate in-depth segment about Angela Bassett’s role as Tina in the movie “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”  including interviews with Angela both on the set of the film with Tina as well as discussing working with Tina and a additional interview with Angela in 2001 discussing last day of shooting the film and Tina Turner actually did her make up for her for her last scenes. Also included is Angela Bassett’s quote online about the passing of Tina Turner along with vintage interview clip of Tina from access Hollywood. Final segment of “Stories behind the song” the segment includes more footage from her original access Hollywood interview. Tina discusses performing her hits on tour along with footage Tina discussing her hit “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” and vinatge footage of her legendary performance of the song at the Grammys. Grammy producer discusses how he was told that Tina was apprehensive about the use of a staircase that was made as part of the set for her performance. Producer of the show goes on to talk about how he convinced her to eventually decide to use it.

9. Entertainment Tonight 05/25/23: TOP STORY “Remembering The Legend” tribute segment. Includes a 2018 interview along with a quote from Cher over the phone from a recent CNBC interview. Scenes from the documentary “Tina” in addition to part of her acceptance speech at the Rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame. Includes a scene with Oprah on CBS morning show being interviewed about Tina’s passing saying how her husband “willed her to live”. Footage of Angela Bassett singing with Tina Turner in the studio in 1993 and an interview clip of Angela Bassett discussing her role in “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” behind-the-scenes footage with Angela and Tina together.

10. BET and ET Present: “Tina Turner: Life and Legacy” 05/25/23: This documentary recounts some definitive moments in the life of Tina Turner, including how she didn’t think “What’s Love Got To Do With It” would become a hit; her dream of becoming an actor; and never giving up on finding true love. Featuring rare archival footage and compelling interviews with the 12-time Grammy award recipient and double Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Tina Turner and other celebrities who knew her well.

Included in this documentary is a wide assortment of interviews and many live performances from various years bringing together an overall view of Tina Turner’s dynamic career that spans 60 years. Discussion regarding her influence to future generations. Footage of the 50th annual Grammy awards where Tina Turner introduces Beyoncé for a duet performance. Shortly after is an interview segment with Beyoncé in 2008 expressing her experience with one of her idols. Calling her “A Mother”. Funny segment with Oprah Winfrey and Cher discussing Cher’s large wigs from the 1980s and how it was her tribute to Tina. In a separate interview Tina reacts to the comment; pretty funny. Interview with Queen Latifah talking about Tina in 2005. Live concert footage from the mid-1980s of a duet with Rod Stewart on stage. Then Rod Stewart discusses how he looked up to her growing up and how he felt about her as an artist. A few scenes from the 2021 rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony including part of her acceptance speech. Footage of Tina accepting various Grammy awards over the years and interview about the Grammy’s.

Concert footage from Tina Turner’s “one last time” live in concert singing “simply the best” including rehearsal footage and interview backstage in 2008. Entire segment about Tina Turner’s personal style and how she was innovative with her short dresses that where are considered risqué at the time. Live footage with Tina and Bruce Willis who opened for her on a European tour. Also included is backstage interview with both Bruce and Tina together.

Personal discussion about her loss of her two sons included v various comments from different interviews on the subject. Footage of Ike and Tina Turner on Soul Train performing “Rolling on the River”. It’s at this point in the documentary that Tina discusses her abusive relationship with Ike. Also discussion about their success throughout those early years. Included are early performances during this part of the documentary. Actual interview with Ike Turner in later years from two different periods defending himself. Scenes from the film “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. RARE footage of Tina as a solo artist on the Mike Douglas show and the game show the Hollywood Squares. Also included is an early entertainment tonight interview discussing the hard times after initially going solo.

A profile of her breaking through as a solo artist with the release of ”Private Dancer” the LP in 1984 including footage from that time including performances and various interviews along with a montage of music videos from that period and footage of her winning a Grammy and her reaction backstage. Footage of Tina performing at the pregame show for the Super Bowl including rehearsal footage and interview from that same day.

Interview with Tina on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” discussing her desire to become a actress. Interviews from various periods of her career discussing her desire to be an actress and how she has met and spoken with Marlon Brando, Martin Scorsese and James Cameron. Comments during her induction to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Then focus on her singing and acting in the film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Included in the segment is a 1985 interview with Mel Gibson discussing working with Tina. 2008 interview with Cher, Oprah and Tina discussing how Tina turned down a role in Steven Spielberg’s “the color purple”. Included are scenes from other films that she was in including “The Last Action Hero” and 1995s “Goldeneye”. 2008 interview with Angela Bassett discussing working on “What’s Love Got To Do With It” included are behind the scenes footage during on the set of the film in addition to Tina laughing and joking about with Angela. Really rare footage here.

Interview with Gina discussing her biography “I, Tina”. Then there’s discussion of her love life with her much younger husband Erwin Bach. Through various interviews Tina discusses how she first met him and how happy she is. Included is rare footage of their actual wedding. Interview with Erwin Bach. Discussion regarding her first farewell tour and it’s subsequent DVD release of a concert from that tour. Also included are clips from the Tina theatrical play at the opening night in 2019 including her statement at the end of the first show. Beautiful closing segment from Tina talking about potentially living to 100 lighthearted as it is, it’s sad to know that she’s gone RIP.

Total Running Time is 1 Hour 59 Minutes

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