TOM PETTY and The Heartbreakers The Video Archives 2020 Volume II


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  1. Tom Petty: Won’t Back Down 12/13/20: He wasn’t especially good looking, yet he was adored by women and worshiped by men. His voice is something that wouldn’t even pass a first audition on American Idol, yet today he is recognized as one of rock’s greatest singer-songwriters. And by rock & roll standards, he lived a fairly disciplined life, yet he was dead at 66. Tom Petty was a walking contradiction. Only after his death can we look back at the mystery of his genius, the hidden demons he rarely shared, and the real reason he left us so early. Featuring intimate interviews by those connected to his life and career, as well as never-before-seen footage including his final moments on stage.
  2. Autopsy: The Last Hours of Tom Petty 12/13/20: On October 2nd 2017, news of Tom Petty’s sudden death at the age of 66 shocked the nation. As one of America’s most adored singers and songwriters, his career spanned more than four decades. Tom overcame a troubled upbringing in Gainesville, Florida, to become a true rock and roll legend as frontman of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, cofounder of supergroup The Travelling Wilburys and as a solo artist, producing timeless hits such as ‘Free Falling’, ‘American Girl’ and ‘I Won’t Back Down.’ On September 25th, 2017 he played the last night of a sell-out, six month tour with his beloved bandmembers to a packed out stadium in Hollywood. He seemed on top of the world. But just one week later, he collapsed at his Malibu home and was rushed to hospital, where he died the following day. Now, one of the world’s most eminent forensic pathologists, Dr. Michael Hunter wants to investigate the circumstances of Tom’s mysterious death. He will analyse every detail in Tom’s Autopsy report to piece together what led him to die so suddenly and unexpectedly.

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