MADNESS & Suggs The Music Video Anthology 1979-2016 2 DVD Set (NTSC Region 1 for USA and Canada)


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Product background and history: The original music video collections released on VHS (“Complete Madness”, “Utter Madness”, or the original version of “Divine Madness”) were released through out the 80’s and early 90’s only in the UK. None of which were complete. Shortly after, the last of the bunch “Divine Madness” from 1992 was deleted making it pretty rare already by the mid 90’s some 20 plus years ago. Finally after much demand from the fans, a DVD version was released in 2005 containing not only the original 25 music videos from “Divine Madness” but an additional three others (Lovestruck, Johnny The Horse, and Drip Fed Fred). The only problem with the DVD version of this collection was the fact that it was released exclusively in UK and only in the PAL Region 2 format for UK and most of western Europe making the DVD impossible to play for all of the North American fans along with the bands following in Canada.

American and Canadian Fans demanded a NTSC Region 1 version of the DVD back in 2005 when the initial DVD was released in the UK but it never happened. Finally after all of this, the RARE Region 2 UK only DVD was discontinued making it rare and hard to find.

Released in 2005 but surprisingly few copies sold prior to it being deleted. As the rights to some of the tracks are now owned by different record companies so it is very unlikely that “Divine Madness” will ever be reissued. The mostly high quality 2 DVD Set contains not only all those music videos included in the “Divine Madness” release but also ALL of the ones by MADNESS that have been made since 2000 as well as a solo music video collection from lead singer SUGGS. This is the very first collection that is inclusive of the entire history of the band and Suggs solo career.

Includes the videos from Madness 1979-2016 for Yesterday’s Men, Uncle Sam, Sweetest Girl, Waiting for the Ghost Train, I Pronounce You, Johnny the Horse and Drip Fed Fred and many more ! This 2 DVD Set includes (for the first time) all the music videos that have been released since 2000, NOT available on any other DVD or previously released collection.

Madness Music Video Anthology Volume I

1. “The Prince” from One Step Beyond…
2. “One Step Beyond” from One Step Beyond…
3. “Bed and Breakfast Man from One Step Beyond…
4. “My Girl” from One Step Beyond…
5. “Night Boat to Cairo” from One Step Beyond…
6. “Baggy Trousers” from Absolutely…
7. “Embarrassment” from Absolutely…
8. “The Return of the Los Palmas 7” from Absolutely…
9. “Grey Day” from 7
10. “Shut Up” from 7
11. “It Must Be Love” Single release only
12. “Cardiac Arrest” from 7
13. “House of Fun” Single release only
14. “Driving in My Car” Single release only
15. “Our House” from The Rise & Fall
16. “Tomorrow’s Just Another Day” from The Rise & Fall
17. “Wings of a Dove” Single release only
18. “The Sun and the Rain” Single release only
19. “Michael Caine” from Keep Moving
20 .”One Better Day” from Keep Moving
21.  “Yesterday’s Men” from Keep Moving
22. “Uncle Sam” from Keep Moving
23.  “Sweetest Girl” from Mad Not Mad
24. “(Waiting for the) Ghost Train” from Utter Madness
25.  “I Pronounce You” from The Madness
26.  “Lovestruck” Single release only
27.  “Johnny The Horse” from Keep Moving
28. “Drip Fed Fred” from Wonderful

29. “Shame & Scandal” (Original Conceptual European Version 1)
30.  “Shame & Scandal” (USA Re-Edit Version 2).
31.   “Sorry”
32. Madness Feat. Sway & Baby Blue: “Sorry”
33. “NW5” (from the Motion Picture Soundtrack ‘’NEUES VOM WIXXER’’)
34. “It Must Be Love” (from the Motion Picture Soundtrack ‘’NEUES VOM WIXXER’’)


Madness & SUGGS Music Video Anthology Volume II

35. “Dust Devil”

36. “Sugar And Spice”
37. “Never Knew Your Name”
38. “Misery (Lyric Video)”
39.  “La Luna (Lyric Video)”
40. “Mr. Apples”
41.  “Herbert (Lyric Video)”
42.  “Can’t Touch us Now”
43.  “Another Version Of Me”


44. “I Am Only Sleeping / Off On Holiday”
45. “Camden Town”
46. “The Tune”
47. “Cecilia”
48.  Suggs Feat. Louchie Lou & Michie One: “No More Alcohol”
49. “Off On A Holiday” (below average quality promo video)
50.  “I Am”
51.  Suggs & Co featuring the Chelsea Team: “Blue Day”
52.  Jools Holland with Suggs: “Oranges And Lemons Again”
53. “Hang Out the Stars in Indiana” (from the Motion Picture Soundtrack “The Edge of Love”)
54. The Clang Group Feat. Suggs: “Had A Nice Night”

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