TRAINWRECK: WOODSTOCK ’99 Documentary 2 DVD Set (ALL 3 Episodes) (Jonathan Davis of KORN, Jewel and Fat Boy Slim)


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This 2022 docuseries chronicles the festival’s three days that became a horror show as rampant substance abuse, lack of security, and improper hospitality services (such as clean water and shelter) led to violence, rampages, and even sexual assault. There’s three episode Docuseries takes each day step-by-step through the chronological process of how the events and later chaos unfolded.

DISC 1 of 2

Episode 1 Air Date 08/03/22: “How the F**k Did This Happen?: The 1999 fest takes a hard swerve away from 1969 Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang’s vision with a military base locale, profit focus and toxic vibe.
Episode 1: Length 44:02

Episode 2 Air Date 08/03/22: “Kerosene. Match. Boom!”: Endless trash and seething heat feed the chaos on day two as performers are pelted with debris and Limp Bizkit riles the crowd to its breaking point.
Episode 2: Length 45:02

DISC 2 of 2

Episode 3 Air Date 08/03/22: You Can’t Stop a Riot in the 90s: Tainted water and price gouging mar day three. Fear grips the finale, fires spread, and the mob takes over. Later, sexual assault allegations emerge.
Episode 3: Length 50:22

Total Duration of Discs 1 & 2 are: 2 Hours 19 Minutes 26 Seconds


Ananda Lewis MTV Presenter 3 episodes, 2022
Colin Speir Production Team 3 episodes, 2022
John Scher Woodstock Promoter 3 episodes, 2022
David Blaustein ABC News Reporter, Woodstock ’99 3 episodes, 2022
Kyle Stage Security 3 episodes, 2022
Pilar Law Michael Lang’s Assistant 3 episodes, 2022
Lisa Law Woodstock Photographer 2 episodes, 2022
Tim Healy MTV Producer 2 episodes, 2022
Lee Rosenblatt Assistant Site Manager 3 episodes, 2022
A.J. Srybnik Rave Production Manager 2 episodes, 2022
Michael Lang Woodstock Co-Founder 3 episodes, 2022
Scott Vincent Videographer 3 episodes, 2022
Chris Stage Security 2 episodes, 2022
Cody Peace Patrol 2 episodes, 2022
Jonathan Davis Lead Singer, Korn 3 episodes, 2022
Joe Patterson Public Health Inspector 1 episode, 2022
Jewel Singer 2 episodes, 2022
Joe Pena Paramedic 1 episode, 2022
Fatboy Slim 1 episode, 2022
Joe Griffo Former Mayor, Rome NY 2 episodes, 2022
Jeff Rowland Executive Metropolitan Entertainment 2 episodes, 2022
Peter Katsis Former Manager, Limp Bizket 2 episodes, 2022
Dan Gross Co-Founder, Pax Anti-Gun Violence Charity 1 episode, 2022
Dan Flynn Head of Security Planning 1 episode, 2022
Aaron Sadovsky Woodstock, TV Producer 2 episodes, 2022

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