U2 Bono (Solo) The Passengers Video Archives 1982-2016 (30 DVD Set 60 Hours)

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U2 / Bono (Solo) / The Passengers Video Archives 1982-2016 (30 DVD Set 60 Hours)

The following Worldwide Video Archives mostly consists of footage from the USA. Many portions through out the 30 DVD Set contain footage from all around the world including all of Europe, Canada and USA.

See the “Search” option on the home page for track listings for each of the “Video Archive” Collection of U2 for complete details for each of the Volumes.


U 2 The Video Archives VOLUME I

MTV Rockumentray 3/92: Full profile on “Achtung Baby” LP
MTV Week in Rock 3/06/92: Zoo TV US Tour opens in Florida
MTV Week in Rock 4/17/92: Inside of Zoo TV
MTV/FOX Guide to Summer 6/92:
MTV Day in Rock 8/13/92:First Outside Broadcast leg of tour kicks off in New Jersey
MTV New3s 9/01/92: Outside Broadcast hits Yankee Stadium
MTV Video Music Awards “Opening Act” 9/06/92: Interview
“U2 ACHTUNG BABY: The Videos, The Cameos and a Whole Lot of Interference from ZOO TV” A) Interference: The History Mix U2 B) Even Better Then the Real Thing (3:41) C) Interference Berlin Recording at Hansa Studios D) Mysterious Ways (4:02) E) One (Version 1) (4:34) by Anton Corbijn F) The Fly (4:52) G) Interference Off the record onto tour (4:35) H) Even Better Then the Real Thing (Dance Remix) I) One (Version 2) (4:34) by Mark Pellington J) Even Better Then The Real Thing (3:46) K) One (Version 3) (4:34) by Phil Joanou L) Until the End of the World (4:38)
Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Music Video)
26 Years of Rolling Stone 11/92: Interview with Bono
MTV Week in Rock 11/92: “The Q Awards”
The 1992 Billboard Awards 12/09/92: U2 receives two awards and highlight clips from the tour
MTV The Year in Rock 12/19/92: Profile for the year of U2
MTV News 02/05/93: 60th Anniversary of the National Party (features Bono)
The 35th Annual Academy Awards 2/24/93: Producer of the Year Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno
MTV News 03/03/93: Bono writes a screenplay
MTV News 4/22/93: U2 to tour with Pearl Jam
MTV Week in Rock 06/04/93: U2 sign new deal with Island Records
MTV News 6/28/93: Edge discusses new video “Numb”
Numb (Music Video) 7/6/93
Lemon 9/93 (Music Video)
I Got You Under My Skin (Bono’s duet with Frank Sinatra Music Video) 12/93
Stay (Music Video) 12/93
The 38th Annual Grammy Awards 2/94:


U 2 The Video Archives VOLUME II

A Concert for Life 4/20/92: A Tribute to Freddie Mercury “Until the End of the World”
The 1992 MTV Video Music awards 9/9/92: “Even Better then the Real Thing” (LIVE) & Best Group Video Category
U2 ZOO TV Outside Broadcast 12/16/92: Zoo Station, The Fly, Even Better Then the Real Thing, Mysterious Ways, Until the End of the World, Tryin’ to Throw Arms Around the World, Satellite of Love (Duet with Lou Reed), Bullet the Blue Sky, Running to Stand Still, Where the Streets Have No Name, Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Desire
The 1993 MTV Video Music Awards 9/2/93: Edge performs Numb (Live)
The U2 Press Conference 2/12/97: Interview & Live Performances
CBS This Morning 2/13/97: U2 Press Conference for World Tour
MTV News 2/14/97: Plans for staging for World Tour
MTV Week in Rock 2/15/97: Interview


U 2 The Video Archives VOLUME III

The 36th Annual Grammy Awards 3/1/94:
Ch. 2 News 2/1/94: Backstage at Bono
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 6/14/95 (Music Video)
Inner City Blues: The Music of Marvin Gaye 10/19/95: Bono (Music Video)
MTV Europe Music Awards 9/95: U2 receives Viewers Choice Best Group Award
MTV News 10/95: Bono Comments
8 Track Flashback 2/96: U2 (1981) I Will Follow (Live)
Luciano Pavarotti & Friends 1995: “Together for the Children of Bosnia” “Miss Sarajevo” (Brian Eno, Bono and the Edge) and “One”
MTV News 5/28/96: Interview with Larry Mullen
VH1 Flix Special 5/30/96: Interview Adam & Larry
“Theme from Mission Impossible” Adam & Larry (music Video)
MTV Week in Rock 1/17/97: Interview with Bono as he discusses the new sound
MTV Top 20 Video Countdown 1/31/97: Edge discusses new video
MTV News 3/7/97: Fans discuss New LP


U 2 The Video Archives VOLUME IV

Pop Mart Shop Lift Contest Commercial #1 4/97 (1:00)
MTV News 4/23/97: U2 to join Tibetan Freedom Concert and Interview (5/31/97) (2:59)
Pop Mart Shop Lift Contest Commercial #2 4/97 (:22)
MTV’s U2 Pop Mart Shop Lift Contest 5/97: Contestants answer trivia questions on U2 for grand prize to tour with U2 (:30)
MTV News 5/97: Bono to perform w/Willie Nelson in PBS special “Willie Nelson Down Home” (visuals of Bono in studio) (:29)
Tibetan Freedom Concert 8/97: Please & Title unknown (4:20)
The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards 9/4/97: Opening, Introduction & U2 perform “Please” Live (8:02)
MTV Music News 9/23/97: U2 performs in Sarajevo, Interview with Edge & Bono with Live footage (2:40)
The 1997 MTV Europe Awards 9/97: U2 wins “Best Live Act” Award with acceptance speech from the whole band (4:51)
MTV Commercial U2 Live in Mexico 12/97: (:30)
U2 Commercial 7/98: “U2 The Best of 1980-1990” (:30)
VH1’s Legends 8/98: Fantastic Full Length Career Profile/Documentary. Includes interviews (spanning the career of U2 1981 to 1998) from all band members with RARE live footage and photographs from various years including 1998 (ALL Commercials edited out) (43:58) (This is the original version of this “Legends” episode made in 1998. It has since been replaced with an “updated Version” in 2001 with a different narrator as well (See Volume X Segment #4) making this 1998 version extremely RARE)
Net Aid 10/09/99: Bono with Wyclef Jean and the entire cast of musicians on “New Day”. Bono (solo) “One” (Acoustic Version with Quincy Jones conducting Juliard Orchestra Live) also Interview with Bono about “Jubilee 2000” and why he got involved. (15:43)
The 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards (shot in Dublin, Ireland)12/99: Mick Jagger presents The MTV “Free your Mind” Award to Bono, In-depth profile of Bono and with U2’s charity causes through out their career with acceptance speech by Bono and The Edge presents award for Best Video to BLUR (9:14)



U2 The Video Archives VOLUME V 2 DVD Set

MTV Commercial U2 Live in Mexico 12/97: (:30)
U2 Pop Mart World Tour: “Live in Mexico City” December 3, 1997 AIRED ONE TIME IN IT’S ENTIRETY ONLY ON SHOWTIME Includes songs: Pop Muzik Remix (Arrival), Unknown Title, I Will Follow, Waking Up The Sun, Even Better Than The Real Thing, Last Night on Earth, Till’ The End of the World, New Year’s Day, (Pride) In the Name of Love, I Still Haven’t Found what I’m looking for, All I Want Is You, Desire (Acoustic Version), Staring at the Sun, Sunday Bloody Sunday (Performed by The Edge), Bullet The Blue Sky, Please, Where the Street’s have No Name, Discotheque, Title Unknown, With or Without You, Hold Me, Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Mysterious Ways, One, Wake Up (2 Hrs. 08 Mins.) ***THIS HAS BEEN BROADCASTED ON VH1 BUT IT WAS ONLY 2 HOURS LONG!!! AFTER COMMERCIALS SUBTRACTED IT IS ONLY 95 MINUTES COMPARED TO THIS VERSION WHICH IS AGAIN (2 Hrs. 08 Mins.)***
The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards “Opening Act” 9/2000: Interview with Bono and Larry discuss upcoming album and sneak preview of “It’s A Beautiful Day” music video and clip of Bono walking into Radio City Music Hall (2:27)
The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards 9/2000: Opening, Bono and Larry introduce Rage Against the Machine (2:45)
FarmClub.com Official Commercial 10/2000: U2 Album samples and Farmclub.com appearance announcements (:45)
Access Hollywood 10/2000: Behind the scenes for “It’s A Beautiful Day” Music Video and interview with Bono and Edge on upcoming Farmclub.com appearance (1:26)
Farmclub.com 10/30/00: Opening with comments from other celebrities on U2, Profile on U2 and special interview with ALL members Bono and Edge then later Adam and Larry by Matt Pinfield in Ireland shot 2 weeks earlier then TV appearance, It’s A Beautiful Day (LIVE), Bono hangs out with Dr. Dre and Winona Ryder, teaser “still to come” for U2, Elevation (LIVE), Bono meets new band Trail of Dead and actor Kevin Spacey, BAD (LIVE) during credits (17:16)
E! News Daily 11/01/00: Interview with Bono & Larry also included is live footage of New York (3:00)




U2 The Video Archives VOLUME VI

MTV’s Total Request live “T.R.L.” 10/30/00: Opening with live shot of U2 hanging out on the roof, various teasers and mentions of U2 appearing on the show live “coming up”. Shot of Bono in dressing room, Bono and Edge on the roof waiting for cue to start, Interview with Bono, shot of girl dancing with Bono during the music video for Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” (yeah my Jaw dropped too), short clip of U2 performing Elevation (LIVE) on the roof. Another interview with Bono live on the roof, It’s a Beautiful Day and New York (LIVE), Interview with Bono and closing segment with U2 waving to fans below (19:13)
The Beatles Revolution (ABC Special 11/2000: Bono interviewed (segments with Bono only-all of which are included in this edited compilation of interview segments (3:15)
VH1 My Music Awards 11/30/00: Funny opening with Bono as he walks out of a limo and is introduced (along with the band) by Kevin Spacey. “Beautiful Day” (LIVE) -Incredible Rendition- (6:28)
Saturday Night Live 12/09/00: U2 perform live “Beautiful Day” & “Elevation” (Bono runs through the audience at SNL…another classic performance, definitely a historic performance for SNL). Closing segment with U2 (10:00)
60 Minutes II 02/20/01: In-depth exclusive interview with Bono of U2 in Ireland. U2 receives the “Freedom of the City” Award, Footage of the private recording of “Stuck in A Moment” (Great footage of the band and producer) Bono meets the Pope and other efforts for “debt relief”, Interview with Larry Mullen Jr. (11:28)
MTV’s Total Request Live 02/21/01: Interview with U2 at the Grammy’s (:34)
The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards 02/21/01: Opening, visual of U2 in audience, U2 perform “Beautiful Day (LIVE) (Bono: a little to soon on the lyric “Teach me life” but still a great performance). U2 receives awards for “Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group with Vocal”, “Best Song of the Year, A song writers award”, comments from host on edge’s acceptance speech, and “Best Record of the Year” (16:02)
Entertainment Tonight 2/22/01: Back stage with U2 (:48)
Access Hollywood 02/22/01: Back stage as U2 watches Eminen’s performance and comments from Bono on Destiny’s Child. Also report on i9ncresed record sales after the Grammy’s. (2:01)
VH1’s Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame 03/21/01: Chris Blackwell (Island Records) is honored with Bono introducing and Mary J. Blidge along with Bono sing live a Bob Marley classic (10:32)
VH1’s Greatest TV Rock ‘n Roll Moments 2000: U2 first US TV appearance on Tom Snyder’s “Tomorrow Coast to Coast” TV Show in 1981. Includes recent interview with Bono as he reflects on this moment (2:12)
Access Hollywood 03/27/01: Opening, Footage of Bono falling off stage in Florida during opening night of US tour. Interview with Bono and Edge (1:52)
VH1’s 100 Greatest Videos of All Time (Part 1 of 5) 5/7/01: featured “”Where the Streets Have No Name” at # 94 Interview with the Director (2:15)
MTV Testimony: 20 Years of Rock on MTV 5/2001: U2 are profiled. Many artist comment on the band (2:33)
VH1 News “Rock Across America” 5/2001: Interview with the band in Philadelphia at the end of the “Elevation Tour” (1:55)
CANADA TV) Much Music 5/25/01: Promo for “U2 does Much” & “Walk On“ (Music Video) and comment from opening act PJ Harvey (6:50)
(CANADA TV) Much Music News Report 5/25/01: Elevation Tour hits Toronto includes footage of the first night. (:40)
(CANADA TV) Much Music Combat Zone 5/25/01: Preview for tonight’s “U2 does Much Special” includes backstage visuals and lay out of the coverage for the evenings event. “Elevation” (Music Video) and interview with fans “Desire” (Music Video), Interview with fan shows pictures of U2. Interview with more fans out side The Air Canada Centre and “Elevation” (Music Video) (23:13)



U2 The Video Archives VOLUME VII

This is a total 5 1/2 Hour broadcast. It included music videos of other artists and many commercials. All of that has been edited out and streamlined to only the segments about or with U2 in this comprehensive look at the band as covered by Canadian TV. Of the 5 1/2 hours, this is a complete 4 hours of U2 and the coverage of Much Music in Canada on Volumes VII & VIII.—(CANADA TV) Much Music “Countdown to U2 does Much” 5/25/01: Interview with fans outside The Air Canada Centre. Overall look at the coverage to take place at the Centre and the studio that will be used for the first historical U2 Interview ever with MuchMusic. MM Segment “Sound Bite”: Interview with Bono & Adam Clayton (1981) and footage from 1981 concert at The Maple Leaf Ballroom in Canada (1981). ‘’Beautiful Day” (Music Video) & Interview with “House Riggers” (U2 Elevation Tour). Interview with fans (win U2’s CD). Interview with Edge & Adam Clayton in Miami at the opening of the US leg of the “Elevation Tour” includes LIVE segment of “Elevation” (Part 1 of 3 ). U2 Facts Segment. Interview (from the day before) with Rocko Reedy (Stage Manager-U2 Elevation Tour) discusses the stage assembly and how it all comes together in stages. “Mysterious Ways” (Music Video). MM Segment “Sound Bite” during “Pop Mart Tour” in Canada Bono is interviewed at the airport. “Discoteque” (Remix Video). VJ gives fans CD’s and poster outside the studio. “Even Better Then The Real Thing” (Music Video). Interview with ACC Security “Louis” & footage clip of opening act for the tour PJ Harvey. U2 Facts segment, 13:48 to countdown. Report from Toronto, Ontario at The Air Canada Centre where U2 are set to perform, MM Segment “Sound Bite” during “Pop Mart Tour” in Canada Bono approaches fans and signs autographs and quick interview as well. LIVE Interview with Paul McGuinness (Manager of U2) backstage. “Sweetest Thing” (Music Video), Report from Toronto, Ontario at The Air Canada Centre-Fans comment on PJ Harvey as they anticipate U2’s performance. 2001 Report: LIVE clip of “Elevation” from Atlanta, Georgia. Interview with Edge & Adam Clayton in Miami at the opening of the US leg of the “Elevation Tour” (Part 2 of 3). U2 Facts segment. Report from Toronto, Ontario at The Air Canada Centre interview with fans. LIVE interview with U2 as they approach the stage for the performance at The Air Canada Centre and then U2 rip into a fantastic rendition of “Elevation” (this segment repeats later). “One” (Music Video-Directed by Anton Corbijn). U2 Facts Segment. (3 Hours left) Report from Toronto, Ontario at The Air Canada Centre with vendors & Interview (from the day before) with Bruce Ramus (Lighting Director-U2 Elevation Tour) discusses comparisons to Pop Mart Tour and this tour including behind the scenes for the set up of the concert. LIVE with U2 for the performance at The Air Canada Centre of “Beautiful Day”. MM Segment “Sound Bite”: Interview with Bono during the “Zoo TV” Tour and “The Fly” (Music Video). Preview at the out door studio where U2 will have the first interview ever with Much Music LIVE right after their performance and interview with the fans. Interview (from the day before) with Dallas Schoo (Guitar Technician for The Edge-U2 Elevation Tour). Dallas discusses his role on tour and shows the selection of Edge’s guitars. “Lemon” (Remix Music Video RARE). LIVE with U2 for the performance at The Air Canada Centre of “New York”. 2001 Report: Behind the scenes for the set of the concert, footage of U2 backstage and interview with Edge & Adam Clayton in Miami at the opening of the US leg of the “Elevation Tour” & LIVE clip form Atlanta (Part 3 of 3 ). U2 Facts segment. Repeat broadcast of LIVE interview with U2 as they approach the stage for the performance at The Air Canada Centre. U2 Facts segment. MM Segment “Sound Bite”: Interview with Larry Mullen Jr. & Adam Clayton (1987) RARE and “Pride (In the Name of Love)” (Color Version 2-Music Video) RARE. LIVE with U2 for the performance at The Air Canada Centre of “Where the Streets Have No Name”. Interview (from the day before) with Joe O’Herlihy (Audio Director-U2 Elevation Tour) discusses first seeing the band in the early days, (includes RARE live clip of U2 from March 1981at The Maple Leaf Ballroom) and audio set up for the tour. “Numb” (Music Video). Interview (from the day before) with Willie Williams (Show Designer-U2 Elevation Tour)..TOTAL RUNNING TIME 1 HOURS 57 MINUTES


U2 The Video Archives VOLUME VIII

(CANADA TV) Much Music “Countdown to U2 does Much” 5/25/01: (CONTINUED) – MM Segment “Sound Bite”: Interview with The Edge (1997) & “Staring at the Sun” (Music Video). LIVE Interview with Paul McGuinness (Manager of U2) backstage near the end of U2’s concert and LIVE footage of U2 concluding the show. Visual of U2 coming off stage and interview with Edge, Larry and Bono as they leave the Centre (Segment repeats later). MM Segment “Sound Bite”: Interview with Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen Jr. (1987) RARE and “Where the Streets Have No Name” (Music Video). U2 Facts segment, Interview with fans after the show. MM Segment “Sound Bite”: Interview with Larry Mullen Jr. & Adam Clayton (1987) RARE and “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” (Music Video). Interview (from the day before) with Willie Williams (Show Designer-U2 Elevation Tour). More interviews with the fans outside the Centre. MM Segment “Sound Bite”: Interview with U2 during Canadian Press Conference (1987) and “With or Without You” (Music Video). Interview with U2 caterer. MM Segment “Sound Bite”: Interview with Edge & Adam Clayton (1987) RARE and “I Will Follow” (LIVE from Red Rocks Version 3-Music Video). “Walk On” (Music Video). Visual of U2 coming off stage and interview with Edge, Larry and Bono as they leave the Centre (this version is slightly longer then the original LIVE broadcast). (57:13)
U2 Does Much 5/26/01: In-dept interview with the entire band at The Chumcity Building in downtown Toronto, right after the second of 2 nights at The Air Canada Centre. Exciting interview as a live audience after their concert attends the open air interview in the Much Music “Environment”. Included are the music videos for “Elevation” (Bono sings live to the video to the fans outside the studio near the end of the music video), interview continues, “Lemon” (Music Video Short Version), interview continues, “Beautiful Day” (Music Video). Visual of Bono mingling with fans during video (1 HOUR 2 MINUTES 45 SECONDS)
Much Music News Report 5/26/2001: Elevation Tour hits Canada. Behind the scenes and interview with U2 (2:25)



U2 The Video Archives VOLUME IX

PBS The Charlie Rose Show 7/2001: Profile of U2’s career and in-depth
nterview with Bono covering many topics (52 minutes)
MTV Europe (Germany) 7/2001: “The Essential U2 2000 U2-From Boy to Baby” This is a documentary on the entire career of U2. It includes an In-depth interview with Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam discussing their entire career and every song and video single in chronological order. Scenes from various music videos including “Stuck in a Moment”, Interview with Paul McGuiness in Ireland (1995). Various interviews with U2 during 1992, 1993 and 1997 with U2 on the ZOO TV and Pop Mart Tour as well as live footage from both tours. Footage of Bono in Boznia in 1997. Fottage of performnace in Ireland, March 2000 and are presented “The Freedom of the City”. Bono speaks in Cologne, Germany at the Press conference for Jubilee 2000. Visuals of the making of “Beautiful Day”. U2 Live on top of the Clarence Hotel singing Beautiful Day (subtitled in German, spoken in English) (43:49)
CNN Worldbeat 6/2001: Interview with U2 in Ireland right after the recording sessions for “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” Interview with Stage Manager and edge’s Guitar Technician. Scenes from the making of Elevation (music video) (9:57)
The 2001 MTV Video Music Awards “Pre-Show” 9/6/2001: Interview with U2 (1:15)
The 2001 MTV Video Music Awards 9/6/2001: U2 are presented the “Video Vanguard” award, first up is a profile of the band and the videos they’ve created over the years, a great video montage. Then U2 are introduced and have a false start with Elevation. That’s what happens live. After break they restart the introduction. U2 perform “Elevation” and “Stuck in a Moment” and Bono with band give acceptance speech for the “Video Vanguard” Award (12:54)
The 2001 MTV Video Music Awards “Post-Show” 9/6/2001: Interview with U2 (1:59)




U2 The Video Archives VOLUME X

America: A Tribute To Heros 10/2001: U2 LIVE via satellite “Walk On” and a visual montage of footage from the tragedy of WTC attack set to the music of “One” (7:27)
MTV’s U2 on Tour: Leaving Nothing Behind 2001: (Documentary) Live “Elevation” from the Compaq Center in San Jose, CA as well as live clips through out the documentary of other live songs. Report at the fleet Center in Boston, MA. In-depth interview with the band during their f l i g h t whilst on tour and scenes from the grammys as well as a exclusive sit down interview with the entire band. Also some profile segments and interviews with U2 fans. (21:16)
The Late Show worth David Letterman 11/2001: Opening, U2 LIVE “New York” & “Stuck In A Moment” and Interview with Bono (13:44)
VH1’s Legends 11/2001: Fantastic Full Length Career Profile/Documentary. Includes interviews (spanning the career of U2 1981 to 2001) from all band members with RARE live footage and photographs from various years including 1998 (ALL Commercials edited out) (43:58) (This is the an “updated Version” in 2001 covering “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” and in the studio during the recording, also with a new narrator). See original rare version made in 1998 on Volume IV Segment #12 (44:50)
ABC 2002 New Year’s Eve Special 12/31/01: Interview with Bono before the concert, Happy New Year greeting from U2. Beautiful Day LIVE (5:55)
Top of The Pops Awards 1/2002: U2 receives “Top Rock Award” and acceptance speech from U2, Bono and the band sing this funny version of “Whole Lotta Love” as the acceptance speech (3:34)
The E Trade Financial Superbowl XXXVI Halfime Show 2/3/02: Beautifula Day & Where the Streets Have No Name (Both Live) Special tribute to the names of the victims of TWC 9/11/01 during performance, Paul McCartney comments on U2
60 Minutes II 02/20/02: In-depth interview with U2



U2 The Video Archives VOLUME XI

VH1 U2 Elevation Live 2001 “Preshow” 11/24/01: candid interviews with Bono as he hitch hikes and the band as well as behind the scenes of the “Elevation” tour. Interviews with the technicians. (22:18)
VH1 Elevation Live 2001: U2 Live In Boston 11/24/01: includes the songs : Elevation, Beautiful Day, Stuck In A Moment, Kite, I’m not coming down, New York, I Will Follow, Band Introduction, Desire, Bad, Where The Streets Have No Name, With or Without You, Walk On,
The 44th Annual Grammy Awards 2/27/02: U2 unannounced start off the show before the opening of the show. Perform Walk On LIVE, Show Opening. U2 receives “Best Pop Duo or Group with Vocal Award” for “Wak On” and acceptance speech, scene with U2 in audience. Kevin James and Ray Ramano do this skit about giving away the grammy gift packages that all the attendies receive. One of the gifts is given to The Edge (funny). U2 receives “Best Rock Performance for Duo or Group Award” for “ELEVATION” and acceptance speech. U2 receives “Record of the Year Award” and acceptance speech (21:25)
The VH1 Grammy Post Show 02/27/02: Interview with U2. Reactions to winning the Grammy awards (5:15)
MTV News “Grammy Hangover” 03/01/02: Opening, Interview with U2. Reactions to the security and winning the Grammy awards (3:00)




U2 The Video Archives VOLUME XII

The Coors: Live In Dublin, Ireland: 3/14/02: Bono performs live with The Coors. Live duets include “Summer Wine” and “When The Stars Go Blue” (9:10)
MTV’s Being Mick 3/16/02: A documentary on the life of Mick Jagger as he records and releases his new album. The following is only a segment from that documentary featuring Bono recording a duet with Mick in a Hotel room.
Bravo Documentary “From A Whisper To A Scream: Ireland Rocks” 3/17/02: Entire documentary without commercials (edited out). Both Bono and The Edge are interviewed and appear through out this entire documentary. U2 as a band are also profiled more then once as this documentary takes a chronoligical look at the history of Ireland’s popular music from past to present. Also interviewed Paul McGuinness (Manager of U2)
VH1 Special U2 1990-2000 11/27/02: In-depth interviews with all members dscussing the new greatest hits relaese



U2 The Video Archives VOLUME XIII

U2’s Beautiful Day 11/29/02: The Band perfoems live at The Slane Castle in Ireland. Songs include : Elevation, Where The Streets Have No Name, One. Also includes Behind the scenes footage (42:00)
The 60th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1/19/03: Bono introduces “The Gangs of New York” Film Clip as a nominee for best film and Bono and Edge accepts “Best Original Song” for “The Hands That Built America” from the film “The Gangs of New York” and after show interview with Bono and Edge
VH1 Classic Flashback segment 5/27/03: Interview with Bono from 1984 and music videos for “A Sort Of Homecoming” & “October/New Year’s Day” (Live at Red Rocks)


U2 The Video Archives VOLUME XIV

1.The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee Ceremony 3/16/05: Teasers with U2 backstage, introduction and presentation of the award by . U2 acceptance speech, all band members speak
2.VH1 All Access 03/04: In-depth interview with U2 regarding the recording of the new LP and preparations for the new touer 45 Mins.)
3.Good Morning America 05/20/05 & 05/21/05: This is a TWO Part special on U2 that aired over two days (Friday and Saturday). Friday Edition (Part 1 of 2) includes: Opening with U2 fans, profile of U2 and In-Depth Interview by Diane Sawyer with U2 (at The United Center in Chicago, IL Prior to concert) about longevity in Rock ‘n Roll and having children. (see additional interview recorded on the same day on the Saturday edition of GMA). One more teaser, visuals of Bono signing autographs for the fans out side the Untited Center Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Profile of U2 and then visuals with Bono signing autographs for the fans and chat with the fans as well as profile of U2 fans. Then U2 Live at The United Center in Chicago, IL perform Vertigo (including a lyrical mix of “Stories For Boys”), Beautiful Day then U2 perform Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own END of Part 1 of 2
4.Good Morning America 05/21/05: Saturday Edition (Part 2 of 2) includes: Profile of U2 and In-Depth Interview with U2 (at The United Center in Chicago, IL , again prior to concert-this is the additional interview recorded on the same day as the Friday edition of GMA) This interview entitled “Uncensored” includes rare interview from U2 on GMA in 1984, then U2 discuss the iPod versus vinyl and then U2 perform ELEVATION LIVE from the same concert at The United Center in Chicago, IL from the Friday edition of GMA. TOTAL RUNNING TIME 2 HOURS


U2 The Video Archives Volume XV

1. Good Morning America 07/02/05: Opening, visual of Bono kissing the hand of a young African boy. News profile of Live 8, Interview with Bob Geldof. Letr interview with Bono discussing involment in Live 8 as well as some controversy surrouning the event.

2. LIVE 8 07/02/05: U2 with Paul McCartney Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Vertigo (Clip), Bono makes speech during U2’s set during One, Live 8 Commercial Version 1 featuring Bono, segment on “Live 8 Why Are We Here Today?” (Live Aid-Live 8 past and present) with interview with Bono, Beautiful Day LIVE, Live 8 Commercial Version 2 featuring Bono, One FULL LiVE

3. CNN People In The News 2005: Profile of U2 including exclusive interviews with all members of the band (24 Minutes)

4. Saturday Night Live 11/20/04: Opening Vertigo, Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own and closing segment with U2 performing I Will Follow LIVE (this rarely happens as per the SNL’s normal format).

5. Shelter from The Storm A Concert For The Gulf Coast 09/09/05: U2 performs One Live with Mary J. Blidge from Toronto, Canada

6. Dateline NBC “Hurricane Katrina” 09/09/05: A song from U2 is used for the closing segment of this two hour special RARE

7. React Now: Music & Relief 09/10/05: U2 performs Love And Peace Or Else Live in Toronto Canada

8. Bono discuss working with their music video Director Anton Corbijn 2005: Specifically Bono discusses the making of One and featured is the director’s cut of One (Germany Version) and Electrical Storm

9. Idol Gives Back 04/25/07: Bono speaks with the contestants of America Idol and Bono is interviewed



U2 The Video Archives Volume XVI

1.Late Night With Conan O’Brien 10/07/05: Promo for U2 special later that evening
2.Late Night With Conan O’Brien 10/07/05: Opening, monologue includeds discussion about U2, interview with fans outside the studio, Then U2 perform All Because Of You live. “Look Into The Future” sketch that Conan does from time to time is joned by The Edge and Bono (funny). U2 (entire band) are interviewed about there world tour. Then U2 perform for the first time on US Television Original Of The Species LIVE. After, another interview this time only with Bono and then The Edge and Bono perform an acoustic version of Stuck In A Moment with Larry and Adam joining the performance about half way through the song. Finally U2 close out the show with Vertigo Live. (42:20)
3.Ovation Network “Music Express” 10/08/05: In-Depth interview with Bono and Edge and Profile of U2 (44:00)
4.60 Minutes 11/20/05: In-depth profile and interview with all members of U2 during their tour of Europe. Footage includes scenes from concerts in Milan, Italy from this past summer circa 2005 as well as a additional interview with Bono in the French Riviera
5.The 48th Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/06: Opening, U2 perform Vertigo and One with Mary J. Blidge LIVE. U2 wins the following awards including acceptance speeches for: Best Rock Album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, Song of The Year Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own, Best Album Of The Year




U2 The Video Archives RARE MOMENTS I 81-1987 Volume XVII

1.The making of “Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas” 10/84: (Documentary) An edited down version with just the scenes and interviews that include Bono (6:21)
2.MTV Classic 1989: This was the first retrospective 80’s series that MTV ever produced in 1989. In the series many “MTV ID’s” were shown from the first years of the networks early days. The following is a compilation of “MTV ID’s”, outtakes and interview clips. All of which are rare for this level of quality and the out takes are extremely funny. Segments include: Bono in the MTV Studios 1981 (Out take) and MTV ID by Bono from the same day. Next is a clip from an in-studio interview with Bono in 1983 discussing the lyrics to Sunday Bloody Sunday” and then a MTV ID/Outtake from 1981 of Adam Clayton. Finally another segment (aired on a different day) from the same in-studio interview with Bono in 1983 discussing the birth of U2. EXTREMELY RARE (1:12)
3.MTV Special “Rock n’ Roll of the 80’s A Video History 1/85: One of the first in-depth documentaries MTV ever produced about music video. Featured is an in-depth interview with Bono and footage from the recording studio of “Unforgettable Fire” (2:20)
4.Live Aid (Original Broadcast) 7/13/85: Live 2 songs, Sunday, Bloody Sunday and Bad (one of the most historic and best performances of U2 ever) and Live Aid Finale with Bono performing as part of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (24:20)
5.Amnesty International 1986: U2 Live at Giants Stadium. Songs include “(Pride) In the Name of Love”, “Bad”, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”, a cover of the Bob Dylan classic “Maggie’s Farm”, another cover by The Beatles “Help”, Little Steven, Nona Hendrix, Reuben Blades and Lou Reed perform with U2 on “Sun City” (this is the only TV performance of U2 performing this song-historic). Bono joins The Police (during their last performance as The Police) to duet on “Invisible Sun.” The entire group of musicians of Amnesty International (including all of U2 who are actually playing the instruments, not just singing) join on stage for the finale, Bob Dylan’s “I Shall be Released” (41:08)
6.U2 “Outside It’s America” 8/87: Documentary on The Joshua Tree Tour featuring “Bullet the Blue Sky” and “Spanish Eyes” (Music Videos) (47:00) TOTAL RUNNING TIME (2 HOURS 2 MINUTES)


U2 The Video Archives RARE MOMENTS II 88-1998 Volume XVIII

1.MTV News 1/6/88: In-depth Interview and Profile with Bono (3:17)
2.MTV News 1/7/88: In-depth Interview and Profile with The Edge (2:49)
3.MTV Smile Jamaica (Benefit Concert) 10/23/88: “All Along the Watchtower”, “Angel of Harlem”, “When Love Comes to Town”, “Love Rescue Me” (Duet with Keith Richards & Ziggy Marley) (16:44)
4.MTV U2 Sunday 1/92: “Bootleg MTV” aired this Live from Australia performance of U2 performing “All Along the Watchtower” (3:44)
5.MTV U2 Sunday 1/92: A compilation of profiles/Interviews through out the day in 1992. Various Interviews (with all members) compiled from various years through out the career of U2 spanning from 1983 to 1992. Many rare interview segments shown for the first time here. (11:33)
6.Discotheque EPK 1/7/97: In-depth Interviews and Profile of U2. Much of the footage featured in this Island Records sponsored interview profile never made it to television. Includes behind the scenes of “Discotechque” music video (16:45)
7.The 41st Annual Grammy Awards 2/98: Opening. Kirk Franklin and the Family (featuring Bono) perform LIVE “Lean on Me” (3:49)
8.U2 : The Joshua Tree (Documentary): This 1999 released documentary released on DVD focuses on the songs and stories of a 1999 documentary of the making of the Joshua Tree. Includes contributions via interviews and behind the scenes footage by Bono, Edge, Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton and Paul McGuinness (Manager of U2). ALSO INCLUDED ARE INTERVIEWS WITH ANTON CORBIJN DISCUSSING THE COVER PHOTOGRAPHY OF JOSHUA TREE. MANY SCENES FROM VARIOUS TOURS INCLUDING ZOO TV AND POP MART TOUR SINGING TUNES FROM JOSHUA TREE. OVERALL A VERY COMPREHENSIVE DOCUMENTARY. (60:00)




U2 The Video Archives Rare Concerts Volume XIX

U2 Live at Gateshead 1982
1. I Threw A Brick
1.A day without me
4.Electric Co.
6.I Will Follow
7.Out of Control

U2 Live at Werchter Festival 1982
1. I threw a brick
2. A day without me
3. A black cat
4. Rejoice
5. Electric Co.
6. I fall down
7. I will follow
8. Out of control
9. Fire


U2 The Video Archives Rare Concerts Volume XX

U2 Toronto Canada March 28, 1985
1. 11 O’clock tick tock
2. I will follow
3. seconds
4. Two hearts beat as one
5. MLK
6. Unforgettable Fire
7. Wire
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
9. Electric Co.
10. A sort of homecoming
11. Bad
12. Ruby Tuesday
13. Sympathy
14. Once met a girl
15. October
16. New Years Day
17. Pride


U2 The Video Archives 2006-2007 VOLUME XXI

1. ESPN Monday Night Football Atlanta Falcons vs. The New Orleans Saints 9/25/06: Teaser for U2 mentioning their Superbowl performance. Edge visits with and offers a Gibson guitar to a musician victim of the hurricane as well as other musicians. Edge joins Green Day for Wake Me Up When September Ends. Green Day with The Edge of U2 performs a cover of The House Of The Rising Sun joined by Bono, Larry and Adam. After a blistering set U2 and Green Day perform Beautiful day with a slight change of lyrics to suit the reopening of the Louisiana Superdome since the hurricane.
2. VH1’s Top 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006: Pride (In The Name Of Love) at # 38. Includes interview with U2 circa 2001
3. HBO EXCLUSIVE Bono and The Edge “Off The Record” 11/2006: Host Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics interviews Bono and Edge in this in-depth look at the band and there accomplishments thus far. (56:00)
4. Oprah 10/2006: Bono’s RED Campaiggn to figght aids in Africa. Includes Bonmo shopping with Oprah and Bono performs Don’t Give Up with Alicia Keys
5. The 38th NAACP Image Awards 03/02/07: Tribute to Bono with Chris Tucker introducing a live performance from The Roots of the U2 classic (Pride) In the Name Of Love and an incredible Acceptance Speech from Bono.


U2 The Video Archives 1981-2010 VOLUME XXII

1. A&E’s Biography Channel 2007: Shot in Ireland this full length profile of Bono shows his upbringing all the way to his political causes that he faught for all his life. Interviews include many broadcasters and individuals who either knew Bono or know him now including Michael Wall writer of “Bono: In The Name Of Love”, Paul Gambaccini Broadcaster and Musical Historian, Michael Feeney Callan Writer & Broadcaster, Dave Fanning Broadcaster . A fascinating (information heavy) look at this one of a kind Musician/Activist.
2. Idol Gives Back 04/09/08: Bono visits a young boy who lost his father to Aids in Africa and later then makes a plea to donate
3. American Idol 04/10/08: Bono appears again from Africa asking for help as the benefit continues.
4. HBO Special We Are One The Obama Inaugural Celebration at The Lincoln Memorial 01/19/2009: U2 performs “(Pride) In The Name Of Love”, “City Of Blinding Lights” and Beyonce performs “America The Beautiful” along with the entire group of musicians that performed at this event including Bono.
5. The 51st Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/09: U2 opens the program with their new single “Get On Your Boots” LIVE
6. UKTV BBC’s The Old Grey Whistle Test 1981: I Will Follow
7. UKTV BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 07/31/09: Interview with Bono and The Edge a funny segment
8. VH1 Classic’s The Music Video Exposed Kevin Godley 02/19/10: Bono and The Edge are interviewed regarding the music videos for Numb, I Got You Under My Skin and The Sweetest Thing directed by Kevin Godley
9. Stand Up 2 Cancer Special 09/10/10: Edge performs along with the likes of Stevie Wonder and others to perform a song for the charity live in Culver City, California.



U2 The Video Archives 2009 VOLUME XXIII

1. The Late Show with David Letterman 3/02/09: Opening, mention of U2 on the show, visual of U2 shoveling snow outside the theatre then U2 performs “Breathe”
2. The Late Show with David Letterman 3/03/09: Opening, mention of U2 having 53rd Street named after U2 as “U2 Way”, mention of U2 on the show. Visual of U2 accepting the “U2 Way” sign from Mayor Bloomberg for 53rd Street. Another mention of U2 coming up and then U2 performs “Magnificent” and brief interview with Bono
3. The Late Show with David Letterman 3/04/09: Opening, mention of U2 on the show and 53rd Street being named “U2 Way”, All of U2 presents the Lettermen’s “Top Ten List”, “The Top Ten Things U2’s Learned Over the Years”. Dave interviews owner of local store near the theatre some funny comments about U2 being in front of the store. Then U2 performs “I’ll Go Crazy If, I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”
4. The Late Show with David Letterman 3/05/09: Opening, mention of U2 on the show, Segment with U2 singing a song into the phone as “hold” music. Visual of U2 accepting their honor for the renaming of 53rd Street as “U2 Way” U2 Comcast Commercial, U2 as a band are interviewed and then U2 performs “Beautiful Day”.
5. ABC’s Eyewitness News (LOCAL TV TO NEW YORK ONLY!!!) 3/06/09: Report from Fordham University in The Bronx. Thousands of students wait over night to see U2’s live broadcast on Good Morning America.
6. ABC’s Good Morning America 3/06/09: Opening, this is FIRST U2 performance on this historic American morning show. Mention of U2 on the program to perform live at Fordham University in The Bronx. Sam Champion does his Weather report from Fordham University in The Bronx on U2’s stage with visual of thousands of U2 fans awaiting the live concert. Report of Fordham’s students having school cancelled for the U2 performance including interviews with the fans/students from Fordham University. Visuals of the audience, thousands span the front of the University. Local NYC report (not national) saying that morning classes were cancelled for the show and ONLY students and faculty were invited to this morning concert. 7:30 am opening segment more from Fordham with the mention that U2 will sing FOUR live songs. Sam Champion does his second weather report from Fordham University in The Bronx on U2’s stage with visual of thousands of U2 fans awaiting the live concert. Another teaser from the Bronx. Sam Champion does his third weather report from Fordham University in The Bronx. Teaser with visual of U2’s new video “Get On Your Boots” on the jumbo tron in Times Square. U2 finally is introduced performing the new songs “Get On Your Boots”, “Magnificent”, “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”. Local NYC report (not national) reporting U2’s live performance in the Bronx. U2 has a sit down interview live on stage. U2 performs “Beautiful Day”

7. The Late Show with David Letterman 3/06/09: Opening, mentions of U2 on the show and visual of new LP. Sketch with U2 “Ask U2” a question from a fan (very funny); U2 performs “Get On Your Boots” closing of show with U2.
8. Saturday Night Live 9/26/09: Opening, Commercial for new LP, then U2 perform three “Non-Singles” on SNL something that has never been done before. The songs include Breathe, followed by a shortened version of “Moment of Surrender,” and the show ended while U2 did “Ultraviolet” complete with Bono’s laser-light jacket and the swinging microphone routine. After the broadcast ended, U2 played one more song — “With or Without You” — just for the studio audience not included on the DVD Volume


U2 The Video Archives 2009-2010 VOLUME XXIV

The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert 10/29/09: U2 perform Vertigo and Magnificent. Later U2 are joined by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith singing “Because the Night”? Sure, makes sense: rocker-poets finding spirituality in desire. Then Bruce and U2 exchange lead vocals on I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. U2 and Mick Jagger doing “Gimme Shelter,” with Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas singing the crucial female vocal part. U2 closes with Mick Jagger on “Stiuck In A Moment” (45 Minutes)
Hope For Haiti Now Earthquake Relief 01/15/10: Bono performs with Rihanna and Jay Z
Sundance Spectacle: Elvis Costello with Bono And The Edge 12/09/09: Elvis starts the show with his cover of Mysterious Ways. An in-depth interview follows with Bono and The Edge. Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of It is performed by Bono and Edge along with Elvis Costello and his band. Interview continues with discussion about Brian Eno. Acoustic version of Stay (Faraway, So Close) with Edge on acoustic guitar. Interview continues with the discussion of Live Aid and the work since then. Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad sung by Bono solo with a pianist. Interview continues about when Bono first met his wife Annie. Last song live is a medley of Pump It Up / Get On Your Boots performed by Bono and Edge along with Elvis Costello and his band.
The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards 11/05/09: One Love and Sunday Bloody Sunday featuring Jay Z LIVE
The Seven Ages of Rock n Roll 2007: “Stadium Rock” U2 are profiled including particular attention of how U2 used Live Aid as a platform to jump into world domination and how the Zoo TV tour followed years later and what it meant at the time.
Island 50 1959-2009 05/28/09: U2 joined Senegalese artist Baaba Maal on stage tonight as part of London’s celebrations for Island 50. Baaba and Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) were sharing the bill at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The band joined Baaba Maal for a version of U2’s 0ne to the surprise of the sold out crowd. Introducing U2 Baaba said, “I have a friend a brother who really takes care of everything. We share the respect of Nelson Mandela’s vision. We need people to understand. We didn’t make it yet but we are on the way. As we continue fighting poverty especially on the continent of Africa”. As Bono. The Edge, Larry and Adam joined onstage. The room was a glow with phones in the air as the crowd took pictures of this crazy moment. And then they started with a rousing chorus of One Love by Bob Marley. Baaba Maal left the stage before U2 continued with a semi acoustic version of Vertigo. Chris Blackwell is in the room looking happy with the preceedings and gets a shout out from Bono.


U2 The Video Archives 2010-2011 VOLUME XXV

UK TV BBC1’s .U2 Equals BBC Air Date in the U.S.A. 06/23/10: (Original Air Date on the BBC in England the 27th of February 2009). The band plays a mix of old and new songs atop the BBC’s Broadcasting House. This special starts with an interview with the band on BBC One radio discussing the event of performing on the roof of the BBC. The then premiere of the new songs for the LP “No Line On The Horizon” to an audience for the first time at The BBC One Radio Theater on BBC Radio One. First song is Get on Your Boots followed by a quick on stage interview discussing the upcoming tour then more live performances including Beautiful Day and Breathe. Fans respond after the concert. Rehearsal footage of the band preparing for the roof top performance. Individual interviews with each member of the band. Performance of No Line On The Horizon at the rehearsal hall. Visuals of U2 arriving at the BBC Station Building. Interview with the band on BBC Radio 2 discussing the new LP and visuals of fans arriving outside the building for this secret concert on the rooftop of the BBC building that Bono hints to on live radio. Then U2 arrive on the roof street are packed with people, at least a few thousand as U2 blast into Get On Your Boots followed by Magnificent and concludes with Vertigo.
60 Minutes 11/28/10: Profile on the new Broadway play for “Spiderman” Bono and The Edge discuss making the score as well as the history of the production of this ground breaking Broadway show. Includes footage of Bono and Edge collaborating with the band that was creating the score over a year ago.
The 2011 Billboard awards 05/22/11: U2 receive “Top Touring Group of the year” Award. Exclusive profile made for the award show about the entire career of U2 as it pertains to touring. Acceptance speech from the entire band
American Idol Season Finale 05/25/11: Bon and The Edge perform “Rise Above” with cast member from the Spiderman Man Broadway soundtrack LIVE
The 65th Annual Tony Awards 06/12/11: Opening. Host jokes about Spiderman play with Bono and The Edge reacting. Later Bono and The Edge introduce a scene from the play Spiderman.
The Late Show with David Lettermen 07/18/11: Opening, teasers about Bono and The Edge on the show. Interview with Bono and The Edge. Bono discusses injuring his spine. Later Bono discusses the music for the Broadway show “Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark”. In another segment Bono and The Edge perform an acoustic version of Stuck In A Moment and explain how it was inspired by the death of Michael Hutchence (lead singer of INXS). The finale includes the cast of the Broadway musical “Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark” perform a song from the show.

U2 The Video Archives 2011-2014 VOLUME XXVI

From The Sky Down (2011 Documentary) The creation of U2’s career-changing 1991 album “Schtung Baby”, which found the musicians uncomfortably charting new musical territory. U2 revisit Hansa Recording Studios in Germany. Included are new in-depth interviews with all band members (1 Hr. 26 Mins.)
Glastonbury Festival 2011 06/26/11: “Where The Streets Have No Name” and “Get On Your Boots”
The Late Show with David Lettermen 09/26/13: In-Depth Interview with Bono


U2 The Video Archives 1984-2014 VOLUME XXVII

The Making Of The Unforgettable Fire 1984: This broadcast from MTV is a transfer from my original VHS recorded all those years ago. Reasonably good quality considering.
U2 Live at Red Rocks: Under a Blood Red Sky (also known simply as U2 Live at Red Rocks or Under a Blood Red Sky) is a concert film by Irish rock band U2. It was recorded on 5 June 1983 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, United States on the group’s War Tour. Originally released in 1984 on videocassette, U2 Live at Red Rocks was the band’s first video release. This is the MTV broadcast of that video release. Features: “Party Girl”, “11 O’Clock Tick Tock”, “I Will Follow” and “40”
The 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards 01/12/14: U2 receive awards for “Best Original Song For A Motion Picture” for “Ordinary Love” for the film “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”
Red Commercial 02/06/14: U2 perform “Invisable” to help fight AIDS
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 02/17/14: SERIES PREMIERE: Opening, U2 perform “Invisable” and later in the program the entire band is interviewed. During the interview the band does a inpromptu acoustic version of there Academy Award Nominated song “Ordinary Love”. Closing segment with U2
MTV (other) “Rock Stories with Matt Pinfield” 2014: Animated by Lisa Ramsey of Pittsburgh, PA
The Graham Norton Show 10/21/14: Opening, During the taping, the band did two full, electric versions of “The Miracle” and then did an acoustic version of “Song For Someone” from the couch when Norton asked the band to do one more song.
Later with Jools Holland 10/25/14: Opening, Musician and TV host Jools Holland had one of his wishes come true tonight when U2 made its first appearance and performance on his BBC 2 TV show, Later With… Jools Holland. The band opened the 30-minute live show with the first performance of “Volcano”. Later in the program the entire band sits down for there first interview with Jools. Shortly after a performance of “Every Breaking Wave” and then closed the show with “California (There Is No End To Love)” and closing segment
MTV Europe Music Awards from Glasgow, Scotland 11/09/14: U2 performs “Every Breaking Wave”


U2 The Video Archives 2014-2016 VOLUME XXVIII

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 11/17/14: Introduction by Jimmy telling the audience that Bono hurt his arm in a cycle accident. He then decides to do his own rendition of a U2 classic “Desire”. Includes closing segment with Jimmy closing the show as Bono.
CBS Sunday Morning 05/24/15: Opening with teaser about upcoming U2 segment and later two more teasers and then the segment on U. The band is profiled and then later in the segment interviewed exclusively for this program. The band discuss there most recent tour. Segment includes exclusive footage from the tour. The Edge takes the interviewers backstage in Vancouver where U2 is rehearsing for the tour.
Sinatra 100 Birthday Anniversary Special 12/06/05: Opening then live from the 02 in London England Bono and The Edge on piano perform live via Satellite “Two Shots of Happy One Shot of Sad” that they had originally wrote for Frank years earlier.
I Heart Radio Awards 2016 04/03/14: Opening and U2 receive “Innovator” Award which is presented by Pharell Williams. Segment includes profile of the band and then entire band are present to accept away with speech by Bono.
PBS Charlie Rose 09/20/16: In-depth full show interview with Bono. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his ideas for America are the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers intended, according to U2 frontman Bono. Bono, whose real name is Paul David Hewson, told PBS’ Charlie Rose in an interview set to air Tuesday that Trump is “potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America.” “Look, America is like the best idea the world ever came up with. But Donald Trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America, potentially,” Bono said, adding that Trump’s version of America could potentially destroy the idea the Founding Fathers had. What makes the United States stand out from other countries, Bono said, is the fact that it’s built upon an idea, whereas countries like Great Britian or Ireland — which he said are also great countries — are not built around a central idea. “America is an idea, and that idea is bound up in justice and equality for all — equality and justice for all, you know?” Bono told Rose. “I think he’s hijacked the party, and I think he’s trying to hijack the idea of America. And I think it’s bigger than all of us.” “I think it’s — this is really dangerous,” the singer added.

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