U2 The Video Archives 2000-2001 VOLUME VI


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U2 Video Archives VOLUME VI

1.MTV’s Total Request live “T.R.L.” 10/30/00: Opening with live shot of U2 hanging out on the roof, various teasers and mentions of U2 appearing on the show live “coming up”. Shot of Bono in dressing room, Bono and Edge on the roof waiting for cue to start, Interview with Bono, shot of girl dancing with Bono during the music video for Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” (yeah my Jaw dropped too), short clip of U2 performing Elevation (LIVE) on the roof. Another interview with Bono live on the roof, It’s a Beautiful Day and New York (LIVE), Interview with Bono and closing segment with U2 waving to fans below (19:13)
2.The Beatles Revolution (ABC Special 11/2000: Bono interviewed (segments with Bono only-all of which are included in this edited compilation of interview segments (3:15)
3.VH1 My Music Awards 11/30/00: Funny opening with Bono as he walks out of a limo and is introduced (along with the band) by Kevin Spacey. “Beautiful Day” (LIVE) -Incredible Rendition- (6:28)
4.Saturday Night Live 12/09/00: U2 perform live “Beautiful Day” & “Elevation” (Bono runs through the audience at SNL…another classic performance, definitely a historic performance for SNL). Closing segment with U2 (10:00)
5.60 Minutes II 02/20/01: In-depth exclusive interview with Bono of U2 in Ireland. U2 receives the “Freedom of the City” Award, Footage of the private recording of “Stuck in A Moment” (Great footage of the band and producer) Bono meets the Pope and other efforts for “debt relief”, Interview with Larry Mullen Jr. (11:28)
6.MTV’s Total Request Live 02/21/01: Interview with U2 at the Grammy’s (:34)
7.The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards 02/21/01: Opening, visual of U2 in audience, U2 perform “Beautiful Day (LIVE) (Bono: a little to soon on the lyric “Teach me life” but still a great performance). U2 receives awards for “Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group with Vocal”, “Best Song of the Year, A song writers award”, comments from host on edge’s acceptance speech, and “Best Record of the Year” (16:02)
8.Entertainment Tonight 2/22/01: Back stage with U2 (:48)
9.Access Hollywood 02/22/01: Back stage as U2 watches Eminen’s performance and comments from Bono on Destiny’s Child. Also report on i9ncresed record sales after the Grammy’s. (2:01)
10.VH1’s Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame 03/21/01: Chris Blackwell (Island Records) is honored with Bono introducing and Mary J. Blidge along with Bono sing live a Bob Marley classic (10:32)
11.VH1’s Greatest TV Rock ‘n Roll Moments 2000: U2 first US TV appearance on Tom Snyder’s “Tomorrow Coast to Coast” TV Show in 1981. Includes recent interview with Bono as he reflects on this moment (2:12)
12. Access Hollywood 03/27/01: Opening, Footage of Bono falling off stage in Florida during opening night of US tour. Interview with Bono and Edge (1:52)
13.VH1’s 100 Greatest Videos of All Time (Part 1 of 5) 5/7/01: featured “”Where the Streets Have No Name” at # 94 Interview with the Director (2:15)
14. MTV Testimony: 20 Years of Rock on MTV 5/2001: U2 are profiled. Many artist comment on the band (2:33)
15.VH1 News “Rock Across America” 5/2001: Interview with the band in Philadelphia at the end of the “Elevation Tour” (1:55)
16.CANADA TV) Much Music 5/25/01: Promo for “U2 does Much” & “Walk On“ (Music Video) and comment from opening act PJ Harvey (6:50)
17.(CANADA TV) Much Music News Report 5/25/01: Elevation Tour hits Toronto includes footage of the first night. (:40)
18.(CANADA TV) Much Music Combat Zone 5/25/01: Preview for tonight’s “U2 does Much Special” includes backstage visuals and lay out of the coverage for the evenings event. “Elevation” (Music Video) and interview with fans “Desire” (Music Video), Interview with fan shows pictures of U2. Interview with more fans out side The Air Canada Centre and “Elevation” (Music Video) (23:13)


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