U2 The Video Archives 2001 VOLUME IX


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U2 Video Archives VOLUME IX

1.PBS The Charlie Rose Show 7/2001: Profile of U2’s career and in-depth

2.nterview with Bono covering many topics (52 minutes)

3.MTV Europe (Germany) 7/2001: “The Essential U2 2000 U2-From Boy to Baby” This is a documentary on the entire career of U2. It includes an In-depth interview with Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam discussing their entire career and every song and video single in chronological order. Scenes from various music videos including “Stuck in a Moment”, Interview with Paul McGuiness in Ireland (1995). Various interviews with U2 during 1992, 1993 and 1997 with U2 on the ZOO TV and Pop Mart Tour as well as live footage from both tours. Footage of Bono in Boznia in 1997. Fottage of performnace in Ireland, March 2000 and are presented “The Freedom of the City”. Bono speaks in Cologne, Germany at the Press conference for Jubilee 2000. Visuals of the making of “Beautiful Day”. U2 Live on top of the Clarence Hotel singing Beautiful Day (subtitled in German, spoken in English) (43:49)

4.CNN Worldbeat 6/2001: Interview with U2 in Ireland right after the recording sessions for “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” Interview with Stage Manager and edge’s Guitar Technician. Scenes from the making of Elevation (music video) (9:57)

5.The 2001 MTV Video Music Awards “Pre-Show” 9/6/2001: Interview with U2 (1:15)

6.The 2001 MTV Video Music Awards 9/6/2001: U2 are presented the “Video Vanguard” award, first up is a profile of the band and the videos they’ve created over the years, a great video montage. Then U2 are introduced and have a false start with Elevation. That’s what happens live. After break they restart the introduction. U2 perform “Elevation” and “Stuck in a Moment” and Bono with band give acceptance speech for the “Video Vanguard” Award (12:54)

7.The 2001 MTV Video Music Awards “Post-Show” 9/6/2001: Interview with U2 (1:59)


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