U2 Video Archives RARE MOMENTS I 81-1987 Volume XVII


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U2 Video Archives RARE MOMENTS I 81-1987 Volume XVII

1.The making of “Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas” 10/84: (Documentary) An edited down version with just the scenes and interviews that include Bono (6:21)
2.MTV Classic 1989: This was the first retrospective 80’s series that MTV ever produced in 1989. In the series many “MTV ID’s” were shown from the first years of the networks early days. The following is a compilation of “MTV ID’s”, outtakes and interview clips. All of which are rare for this level of quality and the out takes are extremely funny. Segments include: Bono in the MTV Studios 1981 (Out take) and MTV ID by Bono from the same day. Next is a clip from an in-studio interview with Bono in 1983 discussing the lyrics to Sunday Bloody Sunday” and then a MTV ID/Outtake from 1981 of Adam Clayton. Finally another segment (aired on a different day) from the same in-studio interview with Bono in 1983 discussing the birth of U2. EXTREMELY RARE (1:12)
3.MTV Special “Rock n’ Roll of the 80’s A Video History 1/85: One of the first in-depth documentaries MTV ever produced about music video. Featured is an in-depth interview with Bono and footage from the recording studio of “Unforgettable Fire” (2:20)
4.Live Aid (Original Broadcast) 7/13/85: Live 2 songs, Sunday, Bloody Sunday and Bad (one of the most historic and best performances of U2 ever) and Live Aid Finale with Bono performing as part of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (24:20)
5.Amnesty International 1986: U2 Live at Giants Stadium. Songs include “(Pride) In the Name of Love”, “Bad”, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”, a cover of the Bob Dylan classic “Maggie’s Farm”, another cover by The Beatles “Help”, Little Steven, Nona Hendrix, Reuben Blades and Lou Reed perform with U2 on “Sun City” (this is the only TV performance of U2 performing this song-historic). Bono joins The Police (during their last performance as The Police) to duet on “Invisible Sun.” The entire group of musicians of Amnesty International (including all of U2 who are actually playing the instruments, not just singing) join on stage for the finale, Bob Dylan’s “I Shall be Released” (41:08)
6.U2 “Outside It’s America” 8/87: Documentary on The Joshua Tree Tour featuring “Bullet the Blue Sky” and “Spanish Eyes” (Music Videos) (47:00) TOTAL RUNNING TIME (2 HOURS 2 MINUTES)

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