U2 Video Archives VOLUME V (2 DVD Set)


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U2 Video Archives VOLUME V (2 DVD Set)

1.MTV Commercial U2 Live in Mexico 12/97: (:30)
2.U2 Pop Mart World Tour: “Live in Mexico City” December 3, 1997 AIRED ONE TIME IN IT’S ENTIRETY ONLY ON SHOWTIME Includes songs: Pop Muzik Remix (Arrival), Unknown Title, I Will Follow, Waking Up The Sun, Even Better Than The Real Thing, Last Night on Earth, Till’ The End of the World, New Year’s Day, (Pride) In the Name of Love, I Still Haven’t Found what I’m looking for, All I Want Is You, Desire (Acoustic Version), Staring at the Sun, Sunday Bloody Sunday (Performed by The Edge), Bullet The Blue Sky, Please, Where the Street’s have No Name, Discotheque, Title Unknown, With or Without You, Hold Me, Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Mysterious Ways, One, Wake Up (2 Hrs. 08 Mins.) ***THIS HAS BEEN BROADCASTED ON VH1 BUT IT WAS ONLY 2 HOURS LONG!!! AFTER COMMERCIALS SUBTRACTED IT IS ONLY 95 MINUTES COMPARED TO THIS VERSION WHICH IS AGAIN (2 Hrs. 08 Mins.)***
3.The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards “Opening Act” 9/2000: Interview with Bono and Larry discuss upcoming album and sneak preview of “It’s A Beautiful Day” music video and clip of Bono walking into Radio City Music Hall (2:27)
4.The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards 9/2000: Opening, Bono and Larry introduce Rage Against the Machine (2:45)
5.FarmClub.com Official Commercial 10/2000: U2 Album samples and Farmclub.com appearance announcements (:45)
6.Access Hollywood 10/2000: Behind the scenes for “It’s A Beautiful Day” Music Video and interview with Bono and Edge on upcoming Farmclub.com appearance (1:26)
7.Farmclub.com 10/30/00: Opening with comments from other celebrities on U2, Profile on U2 and special interview with ALL members Bono and Edge then later Adam and Larry by Matt Pinfield in Ireland shot 2 weeks earlier then TV appearance, It’s A Beautiful Day (LIVE), Bono hangs out with Dr. Dre and Winona Ryder, teaser “still to come” for U2, Elevation (LIVE), Bono meets new band Trail of Dead and actor Kevin Spacey, BAD (LIVE) during credits (17:16)
8.E! News Daily 11/01/00: Interview with Bono & Larry also included is live footage of New York (3:00)


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