U2 Video Archives VOLUME XV


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U2 Video Archives VOLUME XV

1.                                    Good Morning America 07/02/05: Opening, visual of Bono kissing the hand of a young African boy. News profile of Live 8, Interview with Bob Geldof. Letr interview with Bono discussing  involment in Live 8 as well as some controversy surrouning the event.

2.                                    LIVE 8 07/02/05: U2 with Paul McCartney Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Vertigo (Clip), Bono makes speech during U2’s set during One, Live 8 Commercial Version 1 featuring Bono, segment on “Live 8 Why Are We Here Today?” (Live Aid-Live 8 past and present) with interview with Bono, Beautiful Day LIVE, Live 8 Commercial Version 2 featuring Bono, One FULL LiVE

3.                                    CNN People In The News 2005: Profile of U2 including exclusive interviews with all members of the band (24 Minutes)

4.                                    Saturday Night Live 11/20/04: Opening Vertigo, Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own and closing segment with U2 performing I Will Follow LIVE (this rarely happens as per the SNL’s normal format).

5.                                    Shelter from The Storm A Concert For The Gulf Coast 09/09/05: U2 performs One Live with Mary J. Blidge from Toronto, Canada

6.                                    Dateline NBC “Hurricane Katrina” 09/09/05: A song from U2 is used for the closing segment of this two hour special RARE

7.                                    React Now: Music & Relief 09/10/05: U2 performs Love And Peace Or Else Live in Toronto Canada

8.                                    Bono discuss working with their music video Director Anton Corbijn 2005: Specifically Bono discusses the making of One and featured is the director’s cut of One (Germany Version) and Electrical Storm

  1. Idol Gives Back 04/25/07: Bono speaks with the contestants of America Idol and Bono is interviewed



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