VAN HALEN The Music Video Anthology 1978-2020 2 DVD Set

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Available NOW is a RARE Promotional Music Video Reel from VAN HALEN in the DVD format. This 2 DVD Set is a complete collection of all of the versions of music videos available that are tied in to the record companies at Warner Bros and Interscope Records.  This is the LARGEST COLLECTION totaling THIRTY SEVEN music videos. It is the ONLY collection provided in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER in order to watch the natural progression and evolution of this legendary rock band. Duration is OVER 3 HOURS of Music Videos on a 2 DVD Set. The ONLY collection currently available in the DVD Format with this, the widest selection of music videos ever available on VAN HALEN. All titles below are conceptual music video unless the band themselves decided to release a live version of a song as the actual promotional music video in which case that particular video will be identified as “Live Version” as seen below.

Also included in the two DVD set is a beautifully laid out multi page menu with specific chapter selections for each and every song featured in this collection listed below. Your 2 DVD Set will be delivered in clear promotional plastic promo cases as shown in the photos. Promotional/Visual Marketing DVD Reels of music videos are sourced from various masters, so quality varies. Please note: this Reel was originally created for demonstration, promotion and/or marketing purposes, thus quality varies and  is not considered broadcast quality.

VAN HALEN The Music Video Anthology 1978-2020 2 DVD Set Track Listing:

VAN HALEN The Music Video Anthology 1978-1993 Volume I

1. You Really Got Me (1978)
2. Runnin’ With The Devil (1978)
3. Jamie’s Cryin’ (1978)
4. Dance The Night Away (1979)
5. Loss of Control (Promo) (1980)
6. So This Is Love? (Live Video) (1981)
7. Unchained (Live Video) (1981)
8. (Oh) Pretty Woman (1982)
9. Jump (1983)
10. I’ll Wait (Promo) (1984)
11. Panama (1984)
12. Hot For Teacher (1984)
13. Why Can’t This Be Love (Live Video) (1986)
14. Dreams (Blue Angels Original Conceptual Version 1) (1986)
15. Best of Both Worlds (Live Video) ( (1986)
16. Summer Nights (Promo) (1986)
17. 5150 (Live Video) (1986)
18. When It’s Love (1988)
19. Feels So Good (1988)
20. Finish What Ya Started (1988)
21. Poundcake (1991)
22. Runaround (1991)
23. Top Of The World (Conceptual “Premiere” Version 1) (1991)
24. Right Now (1992)
25. Top Of The World (Conceptual Version 2) (1991)
26. Dreams (Live Version 2) (1993)

VAN HALEN The Music Video Anthology 1993-2020 Volume II

27. Dreams (Live Version 3) (1993)
28. Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do) (1995)
29. Can’t Stop Loving You (1995)
30. Not Enough (1995)
31. Amsterdam (Naughty Version) (1995)
32. Human Being (1996)
33. Without You (1998)
34. Fire In Hole (“Lethal Weapon 4” Soundtrack) (1998)
35. It’s About Time (Promo) (2004)
36. Tattoo (2012)
37. She’s The Woman (2012)

Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available on this unique 2 DVD Set offer. This is a natural addition for any avid VAN HALEN collector or devotee. You will NOT see this particular collectable offered elsewhere. This is without question the most complete collection you will find of VAN HALEN’s music video discography totaling nearly FOURTY music videos in all spanning TWO DVDs.

Another one of a kind product offering for you from the staff here in MVR

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5 reviews for VAN HALEN The Music Video Anthology 1978-2020 2 DVD Set

  1. Jason Green (verified owner)

    Van Halen Anthology – Excellent quality DVD Set includes all the music videos from Roth/Hagar/Cherone promos. 👍👍👍

  2. Walter Chappell (verified owner)

    This DVD Set is a great compilation of Van Halen music videos.
    So sad that there is so little professionally shot concert video footage of EVH.
    all Edward fans will love it!

  3. markag (verified owner)

    This is an excellent set of Van Halen music videos that spans the work of this group through their various lead singers (David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone). Great video quality too and worth the price easily!.

  4. Roberto Padilla (verified owner)

    This DVD set is awesome! It has VH number one song called “Jump”. This is very entertaining because I get to watch the entire history of the band from the very start to the very end all in chronological order which I’ve never seen before in any other collection of Van Halen on DVD. This group goes all the way back to the 70’s. Music Video Resource continues to provide extremely fast shipping, so much faster than some other places that I purchased from in the past. I will return!

  5. Roberto Padilla (verified owner)

    Very entertaining DVD Set. I love this collection! Great menus that match the artwork and super fast shipping and handling. Easy to recommend this collection that goes all the way back to my high school years. Thanks for the journey. I’ll be back for more from MVR!

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