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  1. David Lee Roth: Van Halen Frontman 12/12/21: This documentary explores the real life and success story of David Lee Roth with insight from some of the people who knew him best. A preview clip, featuring veteran rock photographer Mark “Weissguy” Weiss, journalist Susan Masino and VAN HALEN biographer Greg Renoff. One of the most famous, flamboyant and charismatic frontmen in the world, David Lee Roth is unlike most lead singers. The frontman of VAN HALEN is the same person both on and off stage and craves attention and adulation at all times. Growing up in rural Indiana, Roth showed early brilliance turning himself into a ferociously bright teenager. His determination to become a frontman led him to convince the Van Halen brothers to let him join their band and Roth’s infectious personality and memorable acrobatic stage presence helped make VAN HALEN one of the most popular rock bands in the world. His notorious rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and fun-loving demeanor cemented Diamond Dave as, for some, the band’s only “real” frontman. Also sharing their personal stories of Roth are childhood friend George Perez and former VAN HALEN band manager Marshall Berle.
    “He was not shy, for sure, and you could always see his package,” Weiss said about Roth. “He was playing it up for the girls.” “And at the end of the show,” added Masino, “he would take bottles of champagne and shake ’em up and spray the crowd with ’em. He was the glitz, the glamor,” she noted. “David ruled the stage. He was the frontman.”

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