VISAGE Music Video Anthology & Steve Strange Interview (1999) (1 Hr 35 Mins.)

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This 2.0 Dolby Stereo DVD features the following NINETEEN music videos totaling well OVER ONE HOUR. Following the music videos is an EXTREMELY RARE interview with Steve Strange. It was shot in December of 1998 and was made available for a brief time the following year in March. It is approximately seven minutes long. This interview shows Steve Strange in very rare form as he appears to be “under the influence” discussing the birth of Visage and it’s progression through the early eighties. Don’t miss your chance to own this very rare and unique look at Steve Strange discussing Visage. This collection includes the following music videos listed below.

01. Visage 3.45
02. The Steps 2.07*
03. Fade To Grey 3.22
04. Interview 0.10*
05. The Dancer 1.46*
06. The Damned Don’t Cry 3.47
07. Pleasure Boys 3.34
08. Mind Of A Toy 3.35
09. Whispers 0.16*
10. Night Train 3.46
11. Can You Hear Me 1.25*
12. Casualty 1.41*
13. Intro 0.32*
14. The Horseman 3.06
15. Yesterday’s Shadow 6.20
16. Love Glove 3.54
17. Wild Life 3.48
18. Beat Boy 3.25
19. Can You Hear Me 1.47*
20. Damned Don’t Cry (VH1 Classics Version)
21. Fade To Grey (Complete and uninterrupted)
22. Mind Of A Toy (VH1 Classics Version)
23. “Visage” (VH1 Classics Version)


24.    BBC’s UK Channel 4 Top Ten TV series 03/13/99: This weekly series lists an imaginary top 10 artists from different musical genres. This episode, hosted by Boy George is a Top 10 of 1980’s Romantics. Included is the first segment with Visage at number 10 of the Top 10

That’s NINETEEN music videos Visage that are complete and the RARE 1998 In-Depth Interview / Profile of VISAGE. Running time is just under ONE HOUR AND 15 MINUTES LONG!! Many music videos featured here have never been commercially available along with the rare interview / profile of Visage. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own them all in 2.0 DOLBY STEREO. A simple must have for any VISAGE or New Romantic Fan.

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1 review for VISAGE Music Video Anthology & Steve Strange Interview (1999) (1 Hr 35 Mins.)

  1. cannon crombie (verified owner)

    The picture quality was superb and the DVDs was composed beautifully. It’s cool to go back in time to capture the feeling when I heard the bands for the first time. I’m looking forward to purchasing more DVDs from MVR. Steve Strange was phenomenal and this DVD is even more poignant since he’s passed.

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