WHAM! & George Michael The Video Archives 2008-2012 Volume VIII


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1. America Idol Finale 5/21/08: Cast covers George’s hit Faith that develops in to a hits medley of George Michael, later George performs Paraying For Time

2. Good Morning America 7/24/08:  Profile and Interview in studio with George Michael includes clips from his (at the time) recent tour.

3. A&E’s Biography 04/09/09: Portrait of the British musical and cultural icon who has sold 67 million albums worldwide and produced over a dozen hits in a career that has spanned more than 25 years. From the time he and a friend formed a high school band and became the duo “Wham!,” Michael’s star has ascended. A meteoric solo career followed on the heels of his band days as audiences fell in love with his distinctive vocals and soulful deliveries. But his temperamental personality has led to professional feuds with record executives and fellow artists, and a strong appetite for drugs, alcohol, and sexual encounters has resulted in multiple scrapes with the law.

4. George Michael at the Palais Garnier Paris 2012: This stunning 2014 documentary is an exemplary record of George Michael’s legacy, profiling his later career following his departure from Sony. A time when, given a free rein, he forged more sophisticated compositions from jazz to big band to large orchestral accompaniments. This concert took place in 2012 at the exquisite Paris Opera House – the Palais Garnier. George Michael was the first popular artist to have been honoured by the House to use that world renowned stage, which is normally reserved for ballet, dance or opera. The documentary beautifully intersperses between the concert (in colour) and behind the scenes rehearsals (in monochrome). It is truly a visual feast. In the words of Jean Paul Gaultier: “I never saw an audience like that. Because in the Opera the audience is generally very snobbish, very Parisian. But once he started, the audience was in hysteria, singing, clapping. I have never seen that in Paris before. It was truly unique. His voice was marvellous. It was fantastic and it was also for a cause. Thank you George. We love you.”
Performed tracks:
01:36 Through
06:32 My Baby Just Cares for Me
09:26 A Different Corner
12:53 Cowboys and Angels
15:15 John & Elvis Are Dead
21:04 You’ve Changed
26:34 Going to Town *
31:50 Brother Can You Spare a Dime
34:23 Let Her Down Easy
38:25 You’ve Been Loved
41:52 Roxanne
46:44 Wild is the Wind
52:20 Praying for Time
56:00 Feeling Good.

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