Wolfsheim ‎Kompendium DVD (2002 Music Video Collection and Live Performance) (NTSC Region 1 Version for USA and Canada)


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This extremely rare German DVD (Region 2 only) release is now available for the first time in NTSC Region 1 for the American and Canadian collectors! Wolfsheim’s 1999 “Alten Schlachthof” live concert is featured on this DVD titled “Kompendium”. It also contains seven of their music videos and an interview and rare photo material. DVD with concert footage, videos, and interviews (with English subtitles). 24 live tracks, plus 7 music videos. Outstanding is the quantity of the content. A complete concert, all the video clips, as well as photos and a very funny interview are put onto the DVD. Particularly positive is the light and water show both are celebrating on stage. Especially during This Time and Annie you can see how the two play behind a wonderful cascade of rain. Wolfsheim infectious tunes are a blend of pop and EBM (that’s Electro-Body-Music) sort of remind one of a Depeche Mode with balls. Only one track, “Kunstliche Welten,” is sung in German. The rest, with the exception of the instrumental “E,” are crooned in perfect pop English. Highlight tracks include “Heroin, She Said,” “It’s Hurting For the First Time,” and “Once in a Lifetime.” Hack, every track is so darn full of hooks to catch you with, they’re all good. Fans will not be disappointed.

Concert: Live at “Alter Schlachthof” in Dresden, Germany 06 Mar 1999

  1. Intro 02:25
  2. A Look Into Your Heart 04:24
  3. Leave No Deed Undone 04:11
  4. A Million Lovesongs 07:04
  5. Now I Fall 03:33
  6. The Sparrows And The Nightingales 04:58
  7. A New Starsystem Has Been Explored 03:43
  8. This Time 03:09
  9. It’s Not Too Late 03:59
  10. Real 04:33
  11. Once In A Lifetime 03:48
  12. Touch 03:44
  13. Love Is Strange 03:55
  14. Heroin She Said 03:53
  15. Sleep Somehow 03:26
  16. Read The Lines 04:06
  17. It’s Hurting For The First Time 03:04
  18. Künstliche Welten 03:36
  19. Annie 04:41
  20. Upstairs 03:48
  21. Ruby 03:48
  22. Elias 04:26
  23. Old Man’s Valley 03:16
  24. Über’s Jahr 04:07

Music Videos

  1. Video: Künstliche Welten 03:28
  2. Video: Closer Still 03:23
  3. Video: Now I Fall0 3:37
  4. Video: The Sparrows And The Nightingales 03:18
  5. Video: It’s Hurting For The First Time 03:11
  6. Video: Once In A Lifetime 03:42
  7. Video: A New Starsystem Has Been Explored 03:32
  8. Interview (with English subtitles) (recorded at Zillo Festival 2001)
  9. Specials: Slideshow

Total time: 133 min

Video tracks 1-24 are taken from

Tracks 25-31 are standard videos
Total time: 133 min

NTSC / Multiregion / Dolby Digital 2.0
Made in Germany

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