INXS The Swing & Other Stories DVD (1985) (Remastered from VHS to DVD)


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Background information: Released exclusively on the long since discontinued and deleted format of  VHS. This particular Music Video collection interspersed with documentary and interview footage has NEVER been available n DVD until NOW!  This REMASTERED DVD is sourced directly from the original home video release to DVD for the first time ever! Quality is unmatched as it transferred from the long since deleted Original Home Video VHS release from OVER THIRTY SEVEN years ago.

This rare home video from INXS was exclusively released on VHS in the US, Australia, and in the UK in 1985. 1986 saw the reissue of this home video in Australia with another eventual re-issue in the UK two years later in 1988. This rare home video from INXS has never been offered in any other format except here at MVR for the first time ever! Remastered to DVD for devoted collectors of INXS!

Description: “Compulsively watchable…in the style & tradition of INXS classics “Shaboo Shoobah” & “The Swing” this longform video “THE SWING & OTHER GREAT STORIES” demonstrates why INXS are so universally popular.

Eleven videos of the bands best material… Are deftly intercut by Wunderkind Director Richard Lowenstein, with documentary footage shot in Japan, interviews with each of the groups six members plus superb animation effects. The action falls on an outdoor stage in Sydney, Australia, then moves to a video shoot into Japan; it takes a viewer from the streets of London to a fishing boat in the Pacific… THE SWING & OTHER GREAT STORIES not only features Michael Hutchins, Andrew Farris, Kirk Pengilly, Tim Farriss, John Farriss and Gary Gary Beers-but also tennis star Pat Cash, Australian media personality Ian “Molly” Meldrum, Jonahan Coleman, Ian “Danno” Rogerson & Models bassist / singer James Freud. It is a package destined for today’s and tomorrow’s best seller list.”

A collection of contemporary classics from INXS. Music videos interspersed with documentary and interview footage at the duration of the program. “All The Voices” includes excerpts from the motion picture “Strikebound”

Track Listing:

1. The One Thing Film Director – Soren Jensen (Written-By – A. Farriss, M. Hutchence)
2. Don’t Change Film Director – Scott Hicks (Written-By – INXS)
3. The Spy Of Love Film Director – Scott Hicks (Written-By – M. Hutchence, T. Farriss)
4. To Look At You Film Director – Scott Hicks (Written-By – A. Farriss)
5. Original Sin Film Director – Yasuhiko Yamamoto (Written-By – A. Farriss, M. Hutchence)
6. I Send A Message Film Director – Yasuhiko Yamamoto (Written-By – A. Farriss, M. Hutchence)
7. Love Is (What I Say) Film Director – John Hillcoat (Written-By – Braxton Smith, A. Farriss, Beers, J. Farriss, Pengilly, Hutchence, T. Farriss)
8. Melting In The Sun Film Director – John Hillcoat & Film Editor – Richard Lowenstein (Written-By – J. Farriss, M. Hutchence, T. Farriss)
9. Burn For You Film Director – Richard Lowenstein (Written-By – A. Farriss, M. Hutchence)
10. Dancing On The Jetty Film Director – Richard Lowenstein (Written-By – A. Farriss, M. Hutchence)
11. All The Voices Film Director – Richard Lowenstein (Written-By – A. Farriss, M. Hutchence)

Total Running Time: 58 Minutes and 04 Seconds


Film Producer & Edited By – Richard Lowenstein, Tim Isaacson
Cameramen – David Knauss, Paul Elliot
Animation – Lynn-Marie Milburn
Artwork [Packaging Design & Artwork] – Jon Watkins
Executive Producer – Truism Pty. Ltd.

Film Directors

Soren Jensen (track: 1)
John Hillcoat (tracks: 7, 8)
Richard Lowenstein (tracks: 9 to 11)
Scott Hicks (tracks: 2 to 4)
Yasuhiko Yamamoto (tracks: 5, 6)

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