Prince Slave Trade (Documentary 2014)


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Directed by Elliot Riddle, this 2014 documentary follows Prince’s battle to gain control of his publication rights. Focussing heavily on 1991’s Diamonds and Pearls album and continuing to the debut of 3rdeyegirl in 2014, the film features interviews with members of the New Power Generation, executives, and other insiders to explain the issue in more depth than ever before.

The interviews with Michael B. and Sonny T, and Alan Leeds are extremely informative, and they lend great insight as to what Prince was going through at time of his contact dispute in the 1990’s. It explains in detail why the “Gold Experience” was released over a year after it was originally recorded, and It also explain why he wanted to, but could not release awesome projects like “The Undertaker”, and many of his other gems in his vault. The DVD really highlights the fact that Prince is a genius, and has always been ahead of his time as an artist, but also as a business man.

Running Time 2 Hours 15 Minutes

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